Value Of Books (Essay Sample)

Value Of Books

Books play a crucial purpose to our existence, making them an inevitable phenomenon to a person’s life. Books open a completely new world filled with knowledge, life lessons, helpful advice, entertaining aspects that motivates one and elicit the advancement of life. By books being immortal, they provide friendships; food for the mind, entertainment, promotes reflection and analytical thinking and increase knowledge.

Books provide true friendships. A friend is an individual that one love and enjoys spending time with and that brings about several benefits to a person’s life. Books are a never-failing friend in that they provide teachings, influence one’s thoughts and actions, alter one’s life for the best, gives advice, encouragement, and entertainment when one is down. Moreover, their failure to demand anything in return except reading and taking care of them make them true friends. Through their wide array of topics, all these benefits are accrued making them an intelligent choice for a friend of all times.

Books provide food for the mind. In order for the brain to function efficiently, and maintain its power, just as the body requires foods such as proteins and vegetables, reading books nourishes the brain keeping it healthy. Reading of books results in brain stimulation as it keeps it busy thereby maintaining optimal performance and strength thus, reducing the onset of ailments such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. Additionally, reading of books provides exercise for the brain as it stimulates thoughts, imagination, and creativity that results in intellectual development crucial to the competent functioning of the mind.

Books expand our knowledge. For instance, when reading books, a reader encounters numerous words that are new vocabularies to them. The new words foster confidence when one speaks or writes as they enrich one’s language and communication. Accentuating of knowledge also, occur through learning of new languages. Reading repeatedly language books provides basic information that helps in the development of reading and speaking skills of different languages. Moreover, books expose an individual to new information, ideas, methods of solving problems and discovery of new hobbies that enrich their awareness and quality of life.

Books promote reflection and critical thinking. Reading a book transforms a reader into a detective, as one is able to follow up on a story and with time, develop the ability to identify situations before they occur and predict potential conclusion. Thus, a reader becomes versed with the ability to solve problems through critically analyzing situations. Moreover, the ability to decipher the plot of a book and reflection improves analytical thinking ability. Through books, one is able to sort out and develop conclusions to a book before finishing it, a skill valuable to one’s work and life.

Books provide entertainment. Books are readily accessible in libraries, bookshops, and present as free digital books and e-books. Thus, they expand a reader’s source of books ensuring entertainment is unending. Moreover, books are valuable in that they save money by making entertainment affordable. Books are a cheaper source of enjoyment as opposed to movies, playing games and going out. Therefore, they provide a wide array of entertaining materials cheaply that also reduces stress and expands a reader’s knowledge base.

In conclusion, the value of books is insurmountable as evidenced by their abilities to communicate new ideas, experiences, knowledge, and wisdom that is necessary for life and that makes the reading of books important. The friendships they provide, knowledge and entertainment help to make a reader’s life more meaningful and exciting, while maintaining the integrity of the brain thereby upholding life to the highest level.

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