V For Vendetta (Reaction Paper Sample)

V For Vendetta

The movie v for vendetta is a fictional movie that inspires people to think about their stand on how the government should be run and if there should be a government at all because the citizens are suffering. The movie is about bad leadership. Even though the movie presents far-reaching ideas, that seems to be extraordinary the theme represented real life situation that may happen in any country.

In the movie, V for Vendetta the theme of revenge presents emotion and motivation for everything that the main character V did.  He uses various strategies to get back at the government. He conducted his revenge through death, destruction of government buildings, exposing the government of its wrongdoing. Without the feeling of revenge, he would not have known how powerful he could be, because of the need to restore sanity; V uses all means to expose the government. Vengeance is evident in the movie, and it is the main motive that drives every action of the main character that is determined to rescue his people from the corrupt regime.

V has valid reasons for revenge because he is part of prisoners used in a medical experiment by the government and he is the only survivor. He is angered by the deceitful government and is motivated to expose the government because he hated everything about the totalitarian government and wanted to destroy it. The government lied to its citizens, controlled them and force people to adhere to unjust rulings.

He exercised his revenge by death when the movie begins, V  kills three police officers working for the government,   from there on he goes on to kill important people in the government. He also destroys government building as part of his revenge. Like the Old Bailey a criminal court in central London. He destroys the British television network.   The last building was the house of parliament he uses explosives to blow up parliament. He was seeking for revenge because he wanted to show the people of England that the government was not truthful to its citizens.  He wanted to show people the truth. V wanted to prove that people have the right to choose what they want and they could choose to stand up against the oppressive regime.

Through his message in the BTN, he encourages people to be brave and not permit the government to take advantage of them, they should stand up. In his speech, he states that “the People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people. Because he wants is the freedom, the life without dictator”. After the destruction of parliament, the people had no one to answer to except themselves

Revenge played an important role in the movie, but the desire for change is the main reason V took action.  Other themes like corruption, fear, and control were visible and had an impact on V and the people; revenge is evident throughout the movie. Vengeance is a recurrent theme in the entire film and affected every aspect of the movie. If it was not for V’s desire for revenge, one wonders what would have happened to the country and its people.

V is an inspirational leader who not only encourages his people to stand up against the government, but also take action to stop the government’ ill action against the people. He gives people reason to protest against the government and a chance to voice their opinion and rule themselves after destroying the house of parliament. The people will no longer be victims of corrupt leaders as the weak become strong.

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