Uses Of Television (Essay Sample)

Uses of television

Technology and information often go hand in hand. The advancement and sophistication of humanity through the ages has been marked by the ease and innovation of the communication sector. In the current age, or the age of information and technological explosion, various aspects can be taken as part and parcel of the whole. There has been a tremendous growth of the internet and hence social media, which has come in to flank the traditional media streams. However, the television has retained its importance even in the current age. It has very many uses as is going to be seen shortly.

Televisions have huge benefits as well as uses. Television is an informative device in that it allows the broadcast of news both at local and global levels to ensure that all individuals are kept updated. The information from such broadcasts is very significant as one cannot be able to know all the current affairs and thus televisions make it easy for people to keep on top of day to day activities. It is therefore used as a media of communication, disseminating information to millions of viewers. The current television coverage has been made even much more efficient as a result of the ability to relay information to all corners of the planet through satellite. This ensures that news reaches people even in real time.

Television is used as an educational device as it present educational programs to the watchers which are nice channels to learn from. Children can learn important values about themselves and life, from the various programs that they view on television. Religious television channels also help in teaching of spirituality amongst its faithful. This therefore constitutes an important educative media.

Television also makes it easy for a family to bond when they come together to watch specific programs or movies. Television also allows individuals learn various cultures as it employs people from different cultures within their programs. Most people think that television shows or movies are only dramatic or about comedy. However, television airs complex shows that require a lot of intelligence to understand, and this could boost a person’s intelligence. Television also teaches individuals how to do things, for instance, cooking procedures or how to conduct professional physical exercises.

Watching television is also a source of entertainment for example, it brings music, musicians and actors to us, and this makes us enjoy and ease boredom in our free time and makes people enjoy watching their favorite shows. Most of the shows aired on televisions require someone to remember day or week plots and this boost an individual’s memory. Regardless of the weather patterns, an individual can be able to watch television all through, and this ensures that they are well informed about all the occurrences that affect our daily lives, for instance, the political and economic affairs.

Television helps promote national unity as well as integration. By embracing the values of nationhood and harmony, TV helps citizens value and love their nation. With the rising population and increased diversity, there is always an underlying need for a call for national unity, since diversity breeds new views and perceptions. Television also helps determine lifestyle. It is a symbol of economic growth and continuity, since there is

The TV, as noted therefore, is an important tool for every generation, be it young or old. It helps determine and uphold the basic values of people. It is also an important communication medium. People should, therefore, watch television shows and programs to boost their knowledge and improve their character.

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