Uses Of Computer In Our Society (Essay Sample)

Uses of computer in our society

Computers have revolutionized our society and lives especially in the 21st century. Since their inception several decades ago, computers have been incorporated in almost all aspects of our lives. The technology in computers has also evolved dramatically enhancing their processing power and capabilities. Today, computers come packed in even smaller units with very high processing ability compared to the first ever computer manufactured. In this article, a short description of how computers have become useful in our lives is elucidated.

Computers have aided in communication. mobile phones are examples of minute computers which are produced primarily for communication. they have transformed how humans communicate and interact. They support various applications for messaging, video communication, voice calls, voice over the internet among other capabilities. Computers technology also support emails which have become integral components of personal and organizational communication.

Computers have also been applied in commerce leading to better lead generation, record keeping and management of sales, staff, inventory, debtors, creditors. Most businesses have digitized their operations to tap into the benefits of computer technology that gives businesses a competitive advantage. New companies have sprout up which use computer technology to conduct its operations such as amazon among others.

The internet, which has become an integral component of the world business communication and interaction is a framework supported by computing technology. The internet has become a primary source of information for business, individuals and organizations. The internet has also supported many more computing technologies which aids in providing information to people all over the world.

Governments have also adopted the use of computing to provide better services to its citizens. Application of various government services is now digitized thus reducing inefficiency and enhancing service delivery to the citizens. Education and health services today rely on computing technology. Computers help in research and diagnosis of patients thus helping medical professional to deliver quality services. Schools also rely on computers to aid in reading even for children with disabilities.

Since its inception, computers have provided numerous job opportunities to people all over the globe. Manufacturers of hardware and software employ millions of people. It has become the industry with highest employees who directly or indirectly rely on them for their livelihood. With the advent of the internet, individuals can work from any corner of the globe as teleworkers.

Computers have also been used in scientific research. Science has relied on computing technology to conduct experiments. Space explorations have relied on computing to conduct unmanned maneuvers and experiments on their missions. The computations that go into conducting their daring missions are processed by computers with specialized software for that purpose. These computations would take millions of man hours to do and verify but it takes a few minutes on a computer.

Computers are also used for security appliances to prevent unauthorized access. Biometrics, passwords, encryption among others are some of the technology developed to beef up security of premises and information.

In finance, computers have revolutionized money and enabled the creation of virtual money and mobile money. Today, electronic money is a significant section of the economics of any country in the world. Through this technology, more companies and banks have come together to harness the power in the computers to ease their operations and improve their service delivery. In the recent past, cryptocurrency sprout up and is slowly gaining traction in the finance world as the best unregulated medium of exchange.

Concisely, computer uses in the 21st century is almost infinite. It is almost impossible to imagine a world without them. They continue to permeate every aspect of our lives and our dependence on them is continued. This article has highlighted few of the uses of computers in our lives and since the technology is fast growing, we expect to witness more uses in the foreseeable future.

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