Uses And Abuses Of Drugs (Essay Sample)

A drug is any substance that when ingested or when introduced to the body, has some physiological effects. People take drugs due to various reasons. For instance, the youth take drugs because they want to fit in a certain group and to seem that they are grown. Others take up drugs to counteract the feeling of boredom or for the purposes of relaxing. It is so common to find youths taking drugs as a way of rebellion while others have this mind of ‘experimenting.’

Drugs, depending on the category and the amount taken show different effects. The effects of the drugs are the uses. Drugs act as sedatives when they are taken in very low amounts and for purposes of slowing someone down. Taking huge amounts of drugs stimulates someone; so they are stimulants.

Pharmaceutical drugs also known as medicines are used to slow down or speed up or change the functioning of the body for the better. Medicinal drugs are used for different purposes and thus categorized as follows: therapeutic drugs are used to relieve certain symptoms of instance allergy. Diagnostic drugs are used together with other diagnostic imaging and radiology procedures to help the medical practitioner to locate the disease process. Curative drugs for example antibiotics help to eradicate the disease causality agent. Replacing drugs take part of some substances that are found in the body normally for instance hormones. Prophylactic drugs lessen a disease’s severity for instance vaccination.

The most common and pressing issue entangled to drugs that has not left the tables of most discussion rooms is drug abuse. There is no exact definition of drug abuse. All the definitions provided are relative. Drug abuse can be described as the wrong use of drugs or using drugs for the wrong purpose. It can also be described as an excessive, compulsive, self-damaging habitual use of illegal drugs.

What causes drug abuse is not so well defined as well, but it can be related to the following; genetic predisposition is one of the causes pointed out. Many people use drugs, yes but abuse of drugs has been seen running in the family and thus the relation to genetics. Co-occurring conditions such as mental illness has been attributed to causing drug abuse.  While mental illness may not be causality, one condition often complicates leading to another. For instance, in the course of managing mental illness, one may use drugs and thus the addiction. Environmental circumstances may lead to drug abuse for instance parental negligence or abuse among the adolescents in particular. A combination of the causes may also be a cause for instance if drug abuse runs in the family and one is exposed to parental abuse or unstable family, they end up being affected psychologically and emotionally thus resolving to drugs.

Drug abuse as expected exposes the abusers to dangers, and they also become a weapon of danger. In the legal sector, most drug abusers tend to engage in criminal activities thus deteriorating the security of the society. Drug abuse often leads to addiction. Addiction will lead to criminal activities to meet these drug cravings. Most drug abusers often perform poorly in their careers thus being sacked. They fail to relate well with others socially as they are prone to violence. Physically, excessive use of drugs damage most parts of the body including the brain. Brain damage is the beginning of mental illness.

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