Types Of Inequality In A Community (Essay Sample)

Types Of Inequality In A Community

There are five (5) types of inequality in a community: Political inequality, differing life outcomes, inequality of opportunity, treatment and responsibility, and membership. These types of inequality is normal in every community. There are many factors that lead to inequality.

Politics is a collective action to influence and gain power for any decision making within a governance. This differs in one community because the approach depends on any individual inside a community. There are ones who use authority to influence people because it legitimizes their actions. Leaders may ask their members to act accordingly to the wants of the latter. The members will follow the leaders because they have the authority. There are who use threat to influence people. There are others who use violence by influencing members of the community. This is because of the polarity of the beliefs of the members per se; hence, difference in the political approach.

Life outcomes also differs because of the kind of living each has. One may be born poor and end up rich because of hard work. There are poor individuals who die poor because of lack of opportunities given to them. There are educated people who end up in incarceration because off their acts in a community. Some die alone, some die happy. These are the outcomes that are naturally different in a community.

Inequality of opportunity is present because of the polarity of the ideologies within a community. There are those who do not provide opportunities to black people because of discrimination. There are businesses who give better pay to women rather than men because of the belief that men are better than women – inequality of genders. At present, in the United States, President Trump announced the possibility of removing all transgenders and transexuals in the military.

Inequality of treatment may be argued both and good. There is inequality of treatment because there is inequality in a community. More benefits are given to those who are usually treated less in a community is done through an affirmative action. This is usually for the persons with disability (PWD), senior citizens and pregnant women. The PWD are given their own comfort rooms, senior citizens have priority lanes; pregnant women are given special seats in public transportation. This is the inequality of treatment given because there is inequality.

Inequality of membership is present because of the difference of the people in race, religion or gender. Immigrants in a country are given privileges that the non-immigrants have. The tourists are usually given special treatment or vice versa, depends on the community they are visiting. There are refugees that are not allowed to enter a country because of fear of terrorism; while some countries allow refugees to enter their territories and provide them homes. The administration of President Trump has already shown how there is inequality of membership in a community based on race and religion. The Muslims are not allowed to enter the territory of America due to the presumption that they are terrorists. There are Muslim immigrants who are already deported because of this.

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