True Muslim (Essay Sample)

True Muslim

Religion guides our actions and plays a  significant role in our lives, Islam is one of the regions that is often misunderstood by many people generating mixed feelings about who is a true Muslim more so for those who do not understand its doctrines. However, a true Muslim is someone who believes in Islam and firmly believes in Allah and the prophet Muhammad.  A true Muslim has a strong faith in Allah and believes that Allah the Almighty is the creator of everything in this universe. He also believes that Allah is watching and is aware of whatever they do. Therefore, a true Muslim is conscious about his action because he knows that he will be answerable for his deeds and actions.

For fear of Allah, a true Muslims do not engage in anything that does not please Allah since they believe that Allah is present everywhere and see every person. A true Muslim follows the set principles of Islam and is expected to possess specific traits. A true Muslim believes in the resurrection and fate; he also expected to constantly seek Allah guidance daily by performing prayers five times daily. In reference to the Quran, prayer, sacrifices, and living and any deed should be for Allah alone. Therefore, a true Muslim is someone that devotes all his life to serve Allah the almighty. He is expected to live for him and also die for him since the world belongs to Allah. He is expected to pay Zakat and perform Hajj. The most distinct feature of a true Muslim is fasting during the holy month of Ramadhan and giving alms to the poor.

The life of a Muslim should reflect the true spirit of Islam that is visible in his action. He is not expected to violate the golden principles of Islam that are mentioned above.  His dealings with other people need to fair, and his behavior should be exemplary. A true Muslim holds high standards of morality and has the obligation in respect to his family, relative and his nation. A true Muslim maintains a balance between two extreme ends, meaning that he should not be a miser or a spendthrift.  Muslims are expected to be thankful to Allah for his property and should show patient when faced with life challenges.  For a true Muslim knows that both joy and sorrow are temporary. The purpose of life is to please Allah by following his teachings.

Islam emphasizes on following the strict teachings written in the Quran and not letting the earthly desire to rule over their lives.   Being a true Muslim entail bowing before Allah and his prophet to worship them and to seek wisdom. Prayer offering is a routine for Muslim as a way of being closer to Allah. A true Muslim believes in the Day of Judgment and life after death, that is why he is careful in his deeds to avoid harsh judgment.

Muslims believe that Allah is the judge after death, Allah will see if you lived and died for him alone and if one served him with obedience his entire life, if his soul was for Allah then he will be judged as a believer and a true Muslim. Any true Muslim needs to seek for reconciliation and peace at all times. Islam demands for bravery, remaining pure and performing the assigned duties as expected. Muslims should attain excellence in every field of life. In summary, being a true Muslim means having positive qualities in life and being useful to the family the society and humanity and never ignore the true spirit of Islam.

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