Travel Can Be The Best Medicine (Essay Sample)

Travel can be The Best Medicine

There is a point in life where all other forms of leisure such as listening to music, visiting the cinemas, attending the nightclubs  and sporting events fails to give a specific relief and significant breaks from stress and chaos at home and work. You fail to focus at work because when it becomes unexciting, hence hampering your creativity especially when you on a creative block of tasks.  Researchers have established that travelling poses positive effects on physical and mental health of individuals as it breaks stress cycles. Many employers have inserted leave policies that allows their employers to take breaks to rejuvenate their ambitions morale. Therefore, travelling or taking a vacation has proven to be the best medicine that breaks you from boredoms and burnouts by getting out of your comfort zone to refresh your emotions, body and organize your thoughts.

Through travelling, your brains is activated in all angles. For example, when you go to vacation in a foreign country, you earn a new set of mind and exposed to a new environment. In an unfamiliar environment and frame of mind, the activities you undertake require critical decision making, which you make spontaneously, therefore bolstering your brain thinking capacity. A study by Gary Small, the UCLA Longevity Center and Human Behavior director revealed that travelling on vacations helps to develop key neural pathways that strengthens the brain effect. Whenever one transverse unfamiliar sites, eat new foods, their brain is kept active and awake.

Additionally, travelling helps you in forgetting petty aggravations that you might have gathered from home or the workplace. You do not need to travel far off land to achieve this as you can obtain the same result by hiking in a nearby forest trails, mountains or offshore beaches. Sometimes other choose to travel upcountry or their ancestral hometown to escape the noisy and congestion of the cities. In a peaceful vacation, the migraine and exhaustions brought by the overwhelming pressure to meet short deadlines and tedious paper work will vanish at the end of the vacation. Thus, in a medical perspective travelling is a vital therapy in curing weak limbs, headaches and migraine.

Another benefit of travelling is that it instills happiness to individuals.  People have the impression that happiness is the secret to long life since a happy soul translates to happy life. A busy lifestyles with no holiday leads to frustrations and stress especially on people with demanding jobs and families. According to the US Travel Association research, too much frustrations and stresses subjects an adult to health risks such as heart attacks and migraines by 50%.  Particularly, a middle-aged adult with busy schedules at work and demanding family highly vulnerable to coronary heart diseases that may lead to death of they do not take vacations. The same study has shown that 95% of the adults in the busy corporate field who takes adequate vacations are more productive and creative in the workplace as well as living happily with their families compared to those who ignore to take holidays.  Consequently, adults needs to take vacations to bring happiness among families at home and colleagues in the workplace.

Concisely, the benefits of vacations not only helps in your career paths but also in boosting your family relationships. Vacations have proven to be a significant therapy in medicine as they helps in strengthening weak limbs, relieving migraines and headaches as well as suppressing chronic stress and small annoyances.  Also, researches asserts there is a strong correlation between productivity at workplace and sufficient leave granted to employees. Therefore, travelling is the best medicine in our day-to-day activities.

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