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Choosing the Right Cause and Effect Topic

The first rule of thumb is, the student should always choose a topic they are familiar with. Choosing a topic, they are familiar with means the student does not have a learning curve to work with. This is to mean the student already has some information on the topic and as such, are not likely to go out of topic on the same. At the same time, they are likely to bring some element of intrigue to their cause and effect essay. The ability to create an interesting cause and effect essay is crucial, given that much of the information is rather factual. It is important the top choice does not hamper the ability of the student to create an interesting piece. Presenting blunt facts is likely to render the readers bored before they complete the paper.

List of topics for cause and effect essays writing

1 The impacts of alcoholism on marriage
2 The impacts of using drugs on education quality
3 How drinking affects the ability of the driver to concentrate on the road
4 The impact of technology on the health care delivery systems
5 How domestic violence affects the children
6 How inflation has impacted the poor rural communities
7 The impacts of globalization on employment
8 The positive and negative impacts of technology on communication
9 The impacts of prolonged use computers to the health of the brain
10 Music effects on the human body
11 Impacts of fast foods on the health of school going children
12 Causes of inequality in the American society
13 Popularity of the American football at the college level
14 Impacts of sports in the society with reference to peace promotion
15 Effects of bullying in schools
16 How stress affects the level of brain productivity
17 How fast foods lead to cancer
18 Impacts of taking drugs on the human health
19 Impact using smoking marijuana on the health of the lungs
20 Impacts of using marijuana for cancer management
21 Impacts of alcohol on the nervous system
22 Effects of using social media on the younger generation
23 How the war in the middle east affects American citizens
24 How war in Syria affects the children under five years of Syrian origin
25 Cause of divorce
26 Impacts of divorce on the children
27 Impacts of domestic violence on female children
28 Causes of racism in Europe
29 Impacts on tsunamis on the local economy
30 Impacts of the credit culture in the American society
31 impacts of terrorism on tourism in the united states
32 Causes terrorism in the Middle East
33 What makes a person good or bad in the society
34 What were the causes of the second world war
35 What were the causes of the first world war
36 What were the impacts of the second world war
37 What were the impacts of the first world war
38 What were the causes of the wars in the middle east
39 How does the government influence economic growth in the country
40 What are impacts of taking too much water to the human body
41 What are impacts of watching too much television as a child
42 What are the impacts of playing violent video games on children under the age of 15
43 What are impacts of listen to vulgar music on school going children
44 What are impacts of driving under the influence of marijuana
45 What are impacts of extreme cold on the body
46 What are impacts of hydrocarbons on the environment
47 What are the impacts of global warming on the productivity level in agriculture
48 What are impacts of deforestation on the local climate
49 What are impacts of spilling oil at sea
50 What are impacts of social networks on actual relationships
51 What are the impacts of online dating
52 Impacts of pornography
53 Effects of home schooling on children
54 Influence of Uber on the taxi industry
55 Impacts of online marketing
56 Impacts of inline shopping
57 Impacts of happy relationships on people
58 Impacts of violent relationships on people
59 Impacts of reading on the brain
60 Impacts of taking alcohol on the brain
61 Influences of taking prescription drugs on the body
62 Impacts of organic food on the human health
63 Impacts exposure to bright light on prisoners
64 Impacts of loud noises on prisoners
65 Impacts of the juvenile system in children
66 Impacts of police brutality on community cohesion
67 Influence of drug wars on the local families
68 Impacts of genetic engineering on food production
69 Impacts of genetic engineering human health
70 Influences of genetic engineering on pest resistance
71 Impacts of globalization on immigration
72 Impacts of dishonesty in relationships
73 Influences of trust in marriage
74 Influences of poverty on the global economy
75 Impacts of diseases burden on the economy
76 How earthquakes cause tsunamis
77 Impacts of earthquakes
78 Influence of the internet on children
79 Impacts of the civil rights on equality
80 Influences of growing up in poverty
81 Impacts of growing up in single parent family
82 Influence of taking part in sports
83 Effects of pollution on human health
84 Changes in climate
85 Effect of feminist movement on women rights
86 Causes of people getting into destructive relationships
87 Causes of rebellious children
88 Impacts of radiation on the skin
89 Causes of growing single parent families
90 Impacts of dating married men
91 Causes of men being afraid of commitment
92 Impacts of abortion on a relationship
93 Causes of sibling rivalry
94 How education impacts relationships health
95 Effects of being a twin
96 Causes of tight family relations
97 Causes sexual relationships between sisters and brothers
98 Causes of homelessness
99 Impacts of Syrian immigration
100 Impacts poor water quality
101 Causes of the rise obese children in the society

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Purposes of a cause and effect essay

Cause and effect essays are some of the most common pieces, students will be required to write. This are essays that help the students to develop their analytical skills, at the same time, the cause and effect essays help the students to form connections between the different aspects they will find in nature. By definition this is an essay where the student will be required to write about how things happen and results that come up after the initial action has taken place. This means the student has to organize their ideas based on what happens when a set of conditions are right and when an initial action takes place. They then have to connect the initial action, sets actions or conditions to the results come at the end.

For example, a student will be required to answer a prompt requiring them explain what exactly happens to a child’s health that starts smoking cigarettes. This is a crucial element, when it comes to analysis, as the student will have to connect the act of smoking to the health impacts the bad habit will have on the health of the sad child.

Other than making logical connections between information about a cause and the resultant effect, this type of essay also helps the student to make logical conclusions. Making logical conclusions is highly associated with high analytical skills on the part of the student. They are supposed to make the connections, and from the interrelation of the information, make a conclusion. The other aspect associated with cause and effect essays and why they are common in class, is to develop the ability of the student to present information to the readers in a coherent manner. It is one thing to have comprehension skills and another to present the ideas learnt to an audience and a professional tone without bias.

Samples of cause and effect essay writing

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