Top 10 Universities in USA

Top 10 universities in the USA

Quality tertiary education is essential in a student’s life. High-school students, parents, teachers and potential employers believe that the degrees acquired from the top ranking university are of high quality. The view of employers about the vast number of universities is always based on ranking, and this can be witnessed from how they pay their employees; in most cases, employees from top universities are paid a little higher than their colleagues from the lowly ranked universities. The view of quality education by employers has made the students feel that getting a degree from a top-ranked university is important in the job market. The only challenge students and parents have is the identification of the distinguishing features of the top-ranked universities in the U.S.

1st Place


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) located in Cambridge is the currently ranked top university in the U.S. The institute is known for its prestige in science and engineering courses, though it also offers art courses. There are a lot of scientific and engineering research projects going on in Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The research works have resulted in many inventions, for example, chemical synthesis of penicillin. The institute has research opportunities for the undergraduate students; students are exposed to scientific research and given a chance to work with top researchers at early stages of learning. The research work enhances the creativity of students and makes them the best choice for employers, and also, the students can use that knowledge to start up their companies.

2nd Place


The second university is Stanford. Stanford University offers a wide range of courses, from science to arts courses; this gives students opportunities to fulfill their academic needs in one place. The university enjoys the most technologically advanced research facilities which enhance their research and also make their students good future researchers. The institution has accommodation facilities within the campus, the within campus accommodation helps students save movement time and ensures that students spend maximum time in their studies. Also, in the institution, co-curriculum activities are a priority apart from academics.

3rd Place


The third tertiary institution is the Harvard University. Harvard University is an institution aiming at improving the academic excellence of the students. The university has well-facilitated laboratories and libraries where the students can do their research and read. The institution always aims at attracting academically talented students around the world. The talents in the students enhance academic competition and learning amongst the students. The students apart from consulting their professors can also consult their colleagues; this improves students understanding. The university also has financial aid for needy but talented students; needy students do not have to worry about tuition fees.

4th Place

California Institute of Technology

The fourth institution is California Institute of Technology (Caltech). California Institute of Technology is a small private university focused on education in engineering, the physical sciences, and math. The number of students both graduate and undergraduates is small, and this is helpful in learning since students can quickly meet their professors and discuss their academic interests. There are no bureaucratic processes in accessing services in the university because of its size. Also, the employed academic staffs are highly trained and able to make students excel in their academic and future lives.

5th Place


The fifth place is Chicago University. The University of Chicago is a top-ranked institution in the social work and social welfare around the world. It was created to address the social problems and is still doing that; it has many projects in the emerging field of child violence prevention. The institution’s curriculum is flexible; the students are not restricted to a particular course on admission, they can specialize once they have basic knowledge of the social work courses. The university combines academics with field work; the students have two field placements during their studies. The field work gives students the needed experience in the job market and also widens their scope of reasoning and networks.

6th Place


The top sixth tertiary institution is Princeton University. The institution is concerned with developing research skills of learners; there are freshmen research seminars where students get to work closely with experienced researchers, writing workshops where students learn how to write their projects comprehensively, office for undergraduate research where students can get the required information concerning their research interest areas. The university has a high graduation rate and the grandaunts also land well-paying jobs. The fees payable at the university is also affordable and attractive to learners across the world.

7th Place

cornell university

The seventh university is the Cornell University. The institution is a center for academic excellence. The programs offered include health science, engineering, architecture, and agriculture; the programs are highly rated. The institution takes pride in producing some of the best engineers around the world. Apart from academics, there are over 1000 student organizations; in these organizations, students get to meet each other, make friends and inspire each other both in academics and real life. The alumni body is also big and is constantly meeting students; this makes student’s quite aware of the required qualification in the job market.

8th Place


The eighth university is the Yale University. Yale University is a private institution devoted to intellectual brilliance. The institution has rooted itself in the idea of liberal arts education where students are allowed to learn and think across disciplines. The liberal way of thinking makes Yale graduates best employees and employers because they can critically reason and solve problems in their workstations. At Yale, the learners are not confined to do particular courses, but they can choose from the variety of courses within humanities, social science, and natural science programs. In the university, students can shop for classes, walking from one class to another and deciding which classes are best for them. This institution is an institution where no course is forced down a student’s throat.

9th Place

Johns Hopkins University

The ninth university is Johns Hopkins University. This institution enjoys a large population of students. The population is large because the university is committed to improving undergraduate programs hence attracting more first-year students. In this university, a student can be simultaneously be admitted for both undergraduate program and master’s program. The university was the first center for research in the western hemisphere; this is evident to date since its science courses are highly rated.

10th Place


The last university in the top ten list is the Columbia University. This is a cosmopolitan university which attracts students from over 30 countries around the globe. Columbia University has distinguished teachers, who handle students with care and great understanding. The research and discoveries in natural sciences and mathematics are also distinguished. The university is located in a city, and the students can easily access the city and see what is happening.

In conclusion, Universities offer varied courses, and the focus of each university is different. For a student to choose a university, they need to know the distinguishing features of that university and know whether it is in their interest.