Too Soon A Woman (Essay Sample)

Too Soon A Woman

The story in relation to “Too Soon a Woman” encapsulates the presence of an outsider who wants to join a certain household and become their new companion. There was a time when a woman entered to a household who ran away from her former household due to terrible reasons. Despite from the doubts and initial rejection by one of the members of the household, the intruder insists to join and will serve as a caretaker for the other members of the household. Patience and perseverance brought the woman to eventually become accepted by the family that can soon consider her as their new member of the household. This is after the trust has been gained by the woman from the whole family.

On the plot of the story, it started when the 12-year- old boy went camping with his father along with his two younger sisters. As they traverse across the mountains, they saw a teenage woman who approached the pack. She identifies herself as Mary and is willing to join the family as she walks with the pack. However, the father refused Mary’s intention to go along with the family because she was abused at her home. Mary indicated that she will be responsible for taking care of the young sisters as well as the 12-year-old boy. The father then eventually accepted her offer but still continues to ignore her as they traveled across the mountain. When it started raining, the group then made a faster approach to their destination. The father then found an abandoned cabin where they sought refuge for several days while the father went out to get some food.

While the father was away, the children became concerned because their food supply is almost gone and they must have to find a way to prevent getting starved. Mary tried to look for the children’s father as well as the horse. Mary returned to the cabin and told the children that she neither found the father nor the horse. Instead, she found mushrooms for the children to feed on it. The boy refused to eat mushrooms because he has been told that there is a variety of mushrooms that are poisonous and not recommended for human consumption. Mary then ignored the boy and proceeded chopping and then cooked the mushroom. After the food has been cooked, Mary did not serve the food to the children, thinking that the boy might be right.

When the father arrived at the end of the story, the young boy approached him happily. The boy indicated that they have a very good step mother, in which he is referring to Mary who took care for them when the father was away. The father brought some food for the whole family when he returned. Too soon a woman described Mary as a young woman who took the responsibility of an adult woman, which is way too soon for a teenage person. The woman is portrayed in the story wherein Mary is thought to be a product of an abusive family that is why she decided to leave and became another family’s step mother. The father might regard Mary as a substitute for his deceased partner because there is already someone who is taking care for his young children for a certain period (Johnson, 2014).


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