To Be Great Is To Be Misunderstood (Essay Sample)

Waking up early, sleeping late, extending gym workouts, overtime work without pay and mountain pile of books. These are just some of scenarios that we can find on people who are seem to be passionate and eager on their chosen field. There are people who are seem to be driven by unparalleled amount of drive because even though they have slept very late they could wake up and jump on their bed without hesitation. They contain so much energy and will force that even though they have difficulties they take it up head to head and never flinch even for a moment. But in reality, why is it these people are being understood despite their great effort?

Great ones are being misunderstood by their unique attitude towards their goal, like spending extra effort. Extra effort in terms of spending additional classes for learning, of giving much more effort in practices and of paying attention day-in and day-out. People who chose to be great on their field, have to pay many sacrifices to attain their goal. These ranges to literally monetarily payment to blood, sweat and above all the pain. Pain includes being misunderstood by people around them as well as their peers and family, since greatness cannot be attained by spending time on gossip or watching random movies on the television, and can only be attained on hours of beating on your craft and that includes of missing out the ‘trending shows’ or ‘what-is-in’ in the community. Many times the person chasing greatness, will miss event like parties, social gathering, concerts, dates, and many more. Eventually, leading to less peers. They are frequently asked on why are they spending sleepless night to study instead of joining parties and social gathering, they are being outcaste and sometimes treated badly by calling them names like geeks, nerds and some-random-scifi-name based, also occasionally they get being bullied too or seen as loner kind of person which aren’t always true for every person. The answer for such situation is simple it is because they different mindset compared to the people around them. They have understood that time is literally gold and they are much more things to be done and can be done if we give a time and effort towards to it.

In the process of chasing greatness, there is no promises of easy way nor a shortcut. It has to deal with blood, sweat and pain. Because, think of this, if things are easy on being great everybody should have been one but the reality is not every one is willing to sacrifice for it. Thus, the failed ones are being bitters and utter negative words to down the morale of others. Some people just have an attitude of crab mentality that when someone seems to be above them they’ll have the tendency to pull them down. One reason why great people are misunderstood because of these bitters who were once dreaming to be a great one but have experience failure and lost their way so they spend their time bringing others down. They destroy the image of the path by discouraging the others.

Lo and fret not, even If many people cannot comprehend the way of the thinking of those who chase greatness. That though there maybe loneliness and enemies that may come and arise, it matter not because the path of being greatness are full of trials, hardships, and tribulation but in the end it will always be worth it. We are all going to die and that hard cold reality should make us think of what should be doing in this one opportunity we have to exist, would be rather live in mediocrity or be someone who is willing to give his whole heart and effort and achieve the best and greatest version of himself?

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