Three Days To See (Summary Essay Sample)

Three Days to See

This is a short narrative essay that was written by Helen Keller. She was born in 1880 June 27 in Alabama in the United States. Though, she was deaf and blind. The narrative essay describes how people take advantage of having the ability to speak, hear and see whereas some people are disadvantaged since they are physically challenged since they are dumb, deaf or even blind. Helen is one such person who was blind and was unable to hear. Her disability is seen when she is eighteen years old. When growing up she did not allow her disability to hinder her from expressing what she is able to do no matter her situation. In the year 1933, Keller wrote the article describing how she would feel and do in case she was given three days of her sight. She also describes how other people would feel if they were given three days without sight. Keller also believes that people who have the ability to see, hear or talk take such privileges for granted. Keller also believes that one should live his or her life to the fullest. she meant that one should strive to accomplish goal, aims, and target today given the various advantage or disadvantage. This essay seeks to describe the three days to see by Helen as well as to give summaries of the essay.

The opening parts of the statement in her article Helen notes that she has continually thought that it would be really a God’s blessing to allow all people to be dump and deaf in their adult life at some given point of their life. She also suggests that darkness will make him appreciative of the sight. The voice and sounds will make one to appreciate the ability of hearing. Death could strike anyone at one point in life. Worst enough it comes with the surprise and no one can notice until it has struck .Helen continue to state that no matter how physically able you are or how healthy and wealthy you are but all will one time die. I know that one day at a give time will die this is what Helen say is her statements. She encourages that people should accomplish what they are intending to do in this word. Keller uses her feelings to attract the attention and gives one they view to appreciate life and abilities one has. She uses an example of a friend where, she asked a friend what she had seen after walking in the woods but later her friend says nothing in particular. This also shows how people take life for granted give the ability to see and hear. They do not appreciate those abilities and therefore Helen critics them very much. One should take the advantage and explore the wonders of nature since they will never know the sweetness of nature until when they die. Keller spent all her life in the darkness for a long time and this makes her become more aggressive. Helen’s life was also met with good people whom she described them as compassionate to human like Ann. All Helen desired was to be able to see her dog, the things that make up home she compares it with the people who do not appreciate the artificial light. Secondly she desired to see the artificial craft and carry the feeling of being able see the drama and arts performed. Lastly in her three day she would visit new York and become part of the everyday life.

In conclusion, Helen is challenging the ones who possess the ability to see, hear and talk. She describes in her essay that people should be given three days without their ability to see or hear anything. She also suggests that if given three days of being able to see and hear she would utilize the opportunity well. She also describes those who are able as not appreciative since they don’t actually know the impotence of those abilities. People should use their ability well and never critics any disabled person because we never know how they feel.

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