There Should Be More Discipline In Schools (Essay Sample)


School is considered everybody’s second home because it is where young children up to their adult age stay in academic institutions. The main purpose of schooling is to prepare the younger generation to become the future leaders of our society. The school is one of the main important structures in the community where the young generations must have to undergo a series of training, workshops, and lesson discussions. Education is the conduit to allow the younger generation to improve our society’s professionalism and interpersonal relations to other communities. The only challenge is the implementation of rules and regulations applied by both the institution and the local government units that generate criminal elements that corrupt the minds of the younger generation.

There should be discipline in schools because it is where the school administration to instill firmness towards the behaviors of students. The main reason why discipline should be applied is simply because it seeks to prevent criminal activities that might threaten the safety of other students and teachers. The level of discipline is corresponds to the ability of the children to become more productive whenever they are going to stay in their respective classrooms. School administration is able to provide law and orders for students to comply with the recommended requirements so as to allow children to comprehend with the regulations of the school. The only concern is the degree to which the teachers are going to handle the behavior of students because of the differences in terms of personalities. Teachers are included with the disciplinary action to prevent any conflict of interest with their professional behavior while rendering their service at the school.

Discipline can be applied through the application of autocratic leadership at the school. Leaders should be always firm regarding this action because it seeks to apply the full force of the law when it comes to fulfilling the need to limit any unacceptable practices made by the students, teachers, and parents. Punishments include suspension for first and second offenses; however, students who committed third offenses are advised to seek another institution to transfer. Cognitive-behavioral discipline is the application counseling so that students and teachers are able to realize their past actions that are deemed unacceptable. Counseling is important because it seeks to allow students or the teacher to express their concerns over a certain matter that affects their professional work. The positive results of expressing frustrations can decrease the level of anxiety shown by the students or any individual who is undergoing counseling.

Conducting an assessment is an important way to identify major disciplinary issues affecting the behavior of the students as well as to the teachers. Identifying the factors that affect the student’s behavior is important because it will provide clues about their background and the reasons why they are showing inappropriate behaviors. Background checking is applied by the school administrators because it is a way for individuals to ensure that family related issues can help teachers and the school administrators to resolve any conflict happening at the school. Amending existing policies are significant to influence the administrative and the stakeholders to integrate new measures to effectively implement discipline. Ineffective rules and regulations should be deliberated by the members of the stakeholders to determine if there is still a possibility to make it work for disciplining the students and other teachers (Davis, 2015).


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