There Is A Way To Be Good Again (Essay Sample)

There is a way to be good again

Once, I heard a famous saying “When life knocks you down, try to land on your back because if you can look up… you can get up!” These strong words are from one of the speeches given by a motivational speaker named Les Brown.  Mr. Brown had inspired me that even if I fail from one thing or many things it doesn’t mean I had to give up, that whenever I lost my way I could always be back on my track if I only give it a shot, and that even though I am bad at this or that? There is always a way to be good at it again and again.

I am not really good at everything, in school, sports or games, or anything. I’m merely an average person but I don’t think of it as a bad side of me, I think of it as something as my starting line. Because I personally think that the road on being a master of something comes from trial and error, you had to lose again and come back stronger by having the lessons you learned from the past and show up once more to better and be good again. Once I read about the famous people who faced rejection and had experienced a “no”, that sometimes there will be someone interested to meet them for their ideas but doesn’t show up but doesn’t give up. Take for example. The enchanted place of Disney land whom ideas is from Mr. Walt Disney, who started from no one to become someone as very known today for his cartoon characters. He faced rejections in life and the road to success for him isn’t easy but I think there is way to be good again. And I think this isn’t only bound on success and striving in life, but also in our morals and conduct. I had thought that in life, everyone had commit a bad decision as something we think in the night or even in days, that it turns out to be our nightmares because we did that thing. But I’d like to persuade you think that every decision in our life isn’t and will never be perfect that miscalculations and mistakes will be always part of it and good news is? There is a way to be good again.

I learn from them to become resilient, to become faithful and to work with my craft, though I am not yet great at something I’m on my way to find my passion and aspiration in life. I may be had a bad attitude on something or to someone I, myself will do my best to make it up to people around me to be good again because I’d rather change for the good than be miserable about life and complain about this and that.

In my honest perspective about the way to be good again is that first, we have to accept that no matter what kind of precaution we do at some point we will experience hardships, that could maybe, stray us on being good at it or being morally. But secondly, life doesn’t stop at our mistakes, we just have to move on, learn from it and be better by growing as an individual hoping that we can be good, lo, be better than we are before. Lastly, indeed patience is a virtue because things we want shall and without a doubt takes time. It isn’t only overnight that we can recover from an injury to play our sports or games, it isn’t overnight that we can be good at what we study on something, or whatever it may be it won’t generally take a single day or two, more often it will took us a year or so but, we can only get what we want if we have desire and passion for it, and stay patient for that time.

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