The World Of My Dreams (Essay Sample)

The World of My Dreams


Life is full of ups and downs, challenges, victories, issues, dilemmas that one has to overcome and outdo. Sometimes in the heaviness of the situations and circumstances, we tend to break down under pressure and lose sight of our goals and dreams in life. There have been men and women who have given up on their dreams due to the problems in life. Sometimes we tend to overwork in order to pay the bills and provide for our families that our vision and ultimate calling takes the backseat. However, to the contrary, there are people who never lost the passion and drive to pursue their calling and are determined to achieve the pinnacle of success. We all have our own little worlds where we imagine that everything is perfect and happy. It is an imaginary world full of hopes and promises because we all know that the reality of life brings us otherwise. This is where we build castles in the sky, the future dreams and hopes waiting to become a part of the reality. Sometimes the world in our minds are easier to fathom and to live in rather than facing the realities of life. No one could underestimate the power of the mind and what it could do most especially in the area of fulfilling our dreams and visions.

My World of Dreams

I have my own safe haven where I feel comfort, peace and tranquility. It is hidden in the innermost part of my brains and I could tap to it anytime I want or anytime I feel like escaping the world full of sorrows and pain. There have been moments when I feel hope and encouragement in this secret place. My dreams of building palaces or mansions so great and vast where the streets are filled with gold and wealth in the absence of poverty and lack. This dream house makes me think of helping the poor and incapable of providing for themselves where I could give them food, shelter and a touch of heaven to make others happy. I envision a place where my family and I are united and always safe where no evil could attack us and destroy our solid relationship. This world of dreams sometimes become my stronghold and fortress most likely when things are going bad at work, at home or with my relationships. This is the time where I sit on my thinking chair to understand and contemplate what solutions must be chosen and decided upon to keep me safe from harm. My dream world oftentimes help me in most of my decision making process since my dream world is full of positive thoughts, images and pictures that uplift the mind and heart which is quite opposite to the chaos and confusion we see in the real world. My hopes and aspirations are all seen in this dream world and at times could be applied in the real world. The ability to see a hope and a future in the imagination also stems out into the way my mind works and how I apply my passion through determination and a never ending faith that things will get better. There is nothing wrong with dreaming provided that such dreams will benefit our emotional and mental well being. This must also be balanced and not be the center of focus. Some people have gone insane getting stuck in their imagination. This is when dreaming becomes dangerous and unhealthy to both the mental and physical state. Dreaming must be turned into reality in order to accomplish feats and victories.

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