The World Is Becoming A Global Village (Essay Sample)

The World is becoming a Global Village

Globalizations in the world have taken roots over the years leading to connection of different countries and different nationalities across. Internet, media, international business and embassies are one of the leading factors that influence globalization. It has been severally said that today the world has become a village in which there are no boundaries to trade and communication between countries or people in different countries. As a result it has led to several merits and demerits in different countries. All in all globalization has made positive impact than the drawback of the same. It has led to employment, exchange of culture, interconnection of large business and enterprises. This essay seeks to describe how the world is becoming a global village as well as the merits that that come with it.

Across the entire world people have reached and transcended in the neighborhood although they are of different countries or places, they are involved in a network stretching in communities across cities, religion, countries, government and across the oceans. The ease of telecommunication has seen people networking especially on social media and exchanges their culture, create new friendship, it has increased the density of interconnection within the existing social cluster. Through this globalizations and internet it has eases the process of sociology to an extend that through social media people can comment on people’s post as well as sharing the same post to their friends who are on social media. Social media has also created a platform where individual can access employment in different countries of which in the past people were unable to get jobs due to their geographical location. As a result it has made life better and the world has become a wonderful place one can live in. Due to this interconnection people have learn new cultures and some have been able to build and maintain good relationships since they exchange ideas, opinions, posts, video’s through this channels.

Globalization has made positive impact on larger business or companies Multinational companies have been able to sell products manufactured by them, as well as creating marketing agencies in different countries. For instance Mcdonald’s company due to its progress in the business industries it has been able to open branches across the street and across the globe. People have now the opportunity to make investments in neighboring countries and across the ocean. This creates job opportunity and eliminates poverty and has riley helped in fighting low social economy in people. Due to the policy of free trade people now have opted to export and import goods to which it creates profit to the company as well as revenue to the government for example business in Asia and large companies have been able to create their profit through foreign exchange. All this positive achievements due to globalization make it seem to be a global village. Political wise, countries have been able to withstand challenges facing them and this has led to governments learning how developed countries do as a result it has led to good relationships between governments of different states. Although globalization due to technology has made a positive impact but it has made drawbacks because some companies end up leaving their countries and be established where there is cheap labor. This creates a gap and unemployment comes in.

In conclusion. The world is now a global place and people have seen it improve through exchange culture; learn different diversity of cultures through social media platform. business have become large and profit has been realized since the world is a global place, improvement in trade exchange since the introduction of free trade among countries, creation of employments and creating no boundary for people hence they can meet and interact. Technology is the cause of globalization and the reason for the world to be a global village.

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