The Ways We Lie (Essay Sample)


Every person has the reason to lie. This is a form of a defense mechanism wherein a person will promptly develop a skill for concealing the reality that is currently happening in their lives or activities. This is a way for us to provide a selective process to prevent any issue that will not risk ourselves from any threats or hazards. Lying is a characteristic of a person’s behavior wherein they usually make excuses to avoid something that they consider that is undesirable. Lying is not usually obvious because it is the way a person’s delivery of this particular action that makes it unnoticeable from other individuals or groups. In this case, lying is a normal way of keeping ourselves from being noticed by others such as being nervous or to worry about issues that concern our image or activities.

A lie is a referred as a statement used by an individual to have a basic intention of deceiving other individuals. A person who is involved in this activity is referred to as lying. There are many ways of lying, in which the most common is when we deny by saying no. Sometimes, we already prevent a person to blame us when we redirect issues to forget about the topic by saying a phrase or a sentence. The safest way to lie is to vanish from the scene so that people will not blame or to cause any suspicious remarks against you. Some high-class societies use legal means to promote their lying process. This is when they will hire legal experts to represent them in courts to prove that their lying tactics are effective. This is referred to as alibi in a formal way to prevent the person from being convicted of a crime so that they will not be brought to jail.

There are two types of lying. The first is the negative type of lying. This is referred as having a negative intention of deceiving other individuals as a way to take advantage of others. This is having the intention of lying for the purpose of preventing others from discovering their evil intention against other individuals or groups. This is the most undesirable way to deceiving others just to fulfill self-greed. On the other side, there is a positive reason why people would lie to others. This is to prevent any negative consequences that the person experiences. An example is when the person will reason out that they are smart, which is reality is not in order to feel better and comfortable with their activities. Lying on a good way is important to prevent harsh consequences in the future.

It has been learned that lying is still deceptive against other individuals. This is because the effects of lying are still hurtful against other individuals who affected by the incident. Lying, in general, is an immoral act because every person needs to know the truth regardless of the consequences that they encounter in their lives. When we chose to provide false information, we are hurting other individuals because we intend to take advantage of their weaknesses in life. For others, karma is an important issue wherein other individuals can experience undesirable consequences after committing an irreversible act that changes a person’s well-being. Karma is irreversible, especially when the damage is serious enough to destroy your reputation and the image to other individuals. Therefore, lying should be avoided to prevent any conflicts with other individuals or involved parties (Freitas-Magalhaes).


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