The Value Of Life (Essay/Paper Sample)

The Value of Life

Values are beliefs possessed by a person or social group in which they have emotional attachment and investment in. Figuring out the value of life is still a mystery that is far from being solved. The society has different people with different views and opinions concerning the same. The value of life can be viewed from different perspectives, and thus the varying opinions on it. The world has been in existence for the longest time, and within these time, many aspects of life have come and gone. Life starts when something is born, and ends when it dies, this as many might agree with me, is the ultimate fate of all the living beings. Most of the existing holy books like the Bible, Quran and the Tipitaka, the world is deemed to be destroyed one day, meaning everything will be destroyed. This puts up many questions like why then the struggle to live, why not just embrace death?

Before birth, nobody decides which family, race or tribe he/she is to be born, life is therefore not the same for everyone. There is a big difference in the way a person residing in a slum and a person leading an expensive lifestyle, views life. There two lifestyles differ but they accept their separate conditions and still live. This brings up a contradicting issue, of whether people should put the value into monetary value or if life should be kept strictly and solely as an emotional quantity. Looking back into the ancient Egyptian stories, people used to be buried along with their material wealth because they believed that a person’s monetary value was over on earth. In modern day America, it is completely different since people believe that they should be compensated for “their” loss.

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The society we live in has placed a dollar amount on life, many however, have a contradicting view. The value of life should be determined by the experiences we have, the relations we create or acquire, and generally by how happy we are. Our society has placed its priorities in the wrong order. People have been made to think that wealthy people such as musicians, actors and professional athletes are more worthy compared to ordinary people with good hearts and morals but are not as wealthy.

The fact that everybody’s life is different, means that the value is also different. Some people are less successful and therefore simply idle and live their lives recklessly, paying little attention to whatever comes their way. On the other hand, some people are motivated to enrich the lives of those around them and live their lives to the fullest. We should not completely rely on the society to give us a measure of the value of life, this is because it all narrows down to an individual and how he or she values life. I personally would go with the idea of considering something or someone that impacts people’s lives or the society at large positively, valuable, no matter how small the impact is. Creating significant change in someone’s life for the better is a true definition of valuing the life of that individual. Having self-beliefs, values and principles is such an important and essential thing, since it helps you face and overcome the challenges that come along with life. I also live helps you live positively and attain happiness. I believe in living an honest life, valuing yourself, and establishing positive relationships. It is therefore important to value and respects other people’s lives since, each person’s capability and individuality is a prime factor used to exemplify the need to need to be valued. All lives are equivalent and should therefore be equal in the highest plausible factors.

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