The Things I Carry (Essay Sample)


In every activity, we always tend to consider to bring one of the most important thing. Which is the smart phone or any communication device. In this aspect, communication is always the most important tool for every individual because it seeks to prevent you from being isolated from the society. This means that getting lost is the last thing that we want to happen to ourselves whenever we go to a certain place. As a person who wants to explore and accomplish something, bringing our smartphone is a routine that one should not forget about it. If we forgot to bring our smartphone, the risk of getting lost, not being updated, or to establish a communication with other individuals will be prevented.

A smart phone is an electronic device that is used to provide a conduit to human activities brought by technological innovations. One of the most important function of smart phones are to provide communication between two individuals. Smartphones are powered by electricity as well as communications signals to send and receive important information. Users can use texts, photos, or calls to other individuals regardless of their location. The main purpose of using the smartphone is to make the world closer together using telecommunication networks. Smartphones are also designed to further improve communication systems by connecting to the internet. Smart phones are installed with wireless communication signals known as the 4th generation network to allow users to access the internet. Smart phone users can also transact using their smartphone device because there are numerous applications that can be installed in order to improve connectivity and productivity of businesses (Arthur, 2014).

The challenges brought about by the use of smartphone is the value. Before you can have your own smart phone, you need to raise a money to buy your favorite smart phone. This translates to another risk, which is theft or robbery by criminal elements of the society. Using your smart phone in an area frequented by criminal elements are likely that you will be targeted for having your smart phone stolen. Aside from your smart phones, your valuables will also be at risk of getting stolen or lost. Communication networks are also at risk of being disrupted when there are weather disturbances or natural hazards that affect electronic facilities. In addition, you should subscribe to the communication networks to avail services such as internet, text and calls to other individuals around the world.

Smart phone is handy because it is designed by technology companies for every user to place inside their pockets. Users are also able to place their smart phones inside their bags, pouch, and organizers. Overall, smartphone is regarded as the most valuable tool for every person to become productive with their basic routines. One lesson to remind every user is to handle their smart phone with care. All materials have a decent value so that users are able to prolong their lifespan for many months, years, or even decade. Since smart phone is one of the most valued item in modern history, users or owners should always secure it at all times to prevent getting robbed and then sold it to the market. If your smart phone got lost, you need to file for an affidavit to certify that your property was lost and you need to seek a legal expert to retrieve it.


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