The Story Of An Eyewitness (Essay Sample)

The Story of an Eyewitness

There are different kinds of circumstances, which need witnesses to prove either the guilt or innocence of an individual. Eyewitnesses are used in legal procedures or court hearings where evidences are presented and proven before the jury, judge and the state. The role that an eyewitness plays is vital to the decision of the court. Mostly witnesses appear to prove the commission of a crime or there is also a positive definition of eyewitness. A person who has witnessed the birth of a baby, the huge white whale jumping at the sea, the shooting star passing through the sky, the miracle of a person sick of cancer, may also be called as an eyewitness. An eyewitness is someone who has seen with his very own eyes an extraordinary event or a criminal offense. Either way the witness then tells the story of what he has seen and shares it to the people to whom the witness would want to to tell or inform the facts with. An eyewitness may relate positive or negative facts based on what he has experienced. Cases have been solved and justice rendered by reason of the testimonies of witnesses which show the facts and attests to the truth. They also have to be protected from any form of attack or harm that the enemies might plan against them. Even in cases where contracts are signed, there is a need for eyewitnesses. In addition, wedding ceremonies are also required to have at least two to three witnesses who will watch the vows made by a husband and wife to attest to the matrimony.

The Advantages of an Eyewitness

Having an eyewitness will strengthen the statements of people who are sharing a particular event or circumstance. A statement corroborated by other eyewitnesses will strengthen the defense or arguments concerning particular issues. However, there are also individuals known to be hostile witnesses, who refuse to speak for the truth but would rather testify opposing the truth. Signing corporate contracts in terms of buying lands and real properties are required by law to present two signatures of witnesses while the agreement of the parties are being discussed and deliberated. Another example are the witnesses of the sunken Titanic ship. Because of these eyewitnesses’ stories, the movie was developed and created which became a blockbuster hit. These were accomplished through the many different statements of the eyewitnesses whose narrations were collated and organized to make up the whole story. Likewise, the inauguration of the new president of America is witnessed not only by one individual but by many American witnesses and people from the whole world. The media, newscasters and journalists are also perfect examples of eyewitnesses which report what is ongoing or current. They go to the field to ascertain that certain events are actually happening or has already happened. They based their stories on truth. On the contrary, a false witness talks about lies to cover up the truth. This is a negative character that has numerous consequences. Not telling the true facts poses great danger to other people, a company or corporation. A witness who lies under oath, commits the criminal offense called perjury. This is a serious crime and it is penalized in accordance to the laws of the land or country having jurisdiction over the court and case in question. Eyewitnesses are used not only in the legal field but also in the field of science and many inventions have been made and formed with the help of eyewitnesses.

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