The Role Of Chemistry In Food Industry (Essay Sample)


Our present society is already feeling the effects of globalization. In this regard, there are numerous factors that affect the operation of the food industry. One main issue is the scarcity of resources that are now depleting the sources of natural food supply. In this case, reproduction plays an important role in the food production industry, which is a relevant practice by food handlers to manage the production of their commodities and supplies. As a

handler of the food production industry, it is important to elevate the need to improve experimentation and research so that the quality of products becomes efficient and accurate. The role of chemists in the food industry is always into conducting research to expand the production of the food supply to the market.

Chemistry is an important practice by chemists to involve experimentation and research that impacts the production of the commodities. The use of chemistry is important because it seeks to analyze the genomes and the DNA structure of the animals as a way for the laboratory scientists to formulate an alternative action to improve the production of commodities to the target markets. One example is applied for the chickens to a fast food company. Chemists are going to change the genome of the chickens so that all chickens can have three pairs of legs in order to produce at least six drumsticks that will be distributed to the consumers. Creating a packed super food supplement for soldiers and astronauts in space are all genetically modified, but rich in vitamins and minerals to sustain the nutritional needs of all authorized personnel who are assigned to work in a harsh environmental condition.

Another role of chemistry is to improve the safety of food supply by creating new variants of microbiological agents that fight against contamination. This is the creation of vaccines that are usually developed in the food industry to prevent the spread of diseases from the food supply to their human counterparts. Safety is important because it prevents and negligent acts that exposes a consumer to a certain health threat. In this regard, the role of chemistry has been playing an important role to prevent the spread of a certain disease to the consumers. Formulating an organic way of keeping the food supply healthy utilize materials that does not contain formulated substances such as medicines because it could cause complications to the health of the consumers.

Chemistry is helpful to determine if the food is safe for human consumption. There are certain varieties of the food supply by the food industry that were found out to be harmful to the consumers. One example is the production of contaminated peanuts that are not suitable for human consumption because it generates fungal and bacterial infection once that it begins to ferment. Food safety is important that has been facilitated by the chemistry field towards the food supply because it generates safer consumption by the population. Chemistry has been an integral part of the food industry’s research processes because it is capable of detecting hazardous chemicals, elements, and phenomena that impact the health and safety of the population. Through the use of chemical science, laboratory technicians are able to identify the significance of creating an alternative food supply to improve our health and food safety on a regular basis (Armstrong, 2012).


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