The Role Of Air In Our Life (Essay Sample)

The Role of Air in Our Life

Air is essential for all living organisms. Without air, all living organisms directly and indirectly in need of it would be extinct. The existence of many scientific objects would be ineffective since air is matter and it has weight and mass. Its composition makes it extensively valuable in our daily lives. While looking at the role of air in our life, it is first of all necessary to understand its different components: nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, noble gases, and water. Each of these is relevant in its own way and this article will detail their roles as elements that make up air.

Nitrogen, having the largest composition of air (78%) is essential in many ways. Nitrogen helps in controlling water pollution from industrial waste. It is of major use in the industrial sectors in that it helps in destroying toxic substances. Nitrogen also helps plants in converting sunlight into energy during photosynthesis. Human beings consume nitrogen in their foods and it helps in bodybuilding as they serve as proteins.

Oxygen forms the second largest percentage composition (21%) of air. In addition, oxygen has very many uses to human beings, plants and animals. Oxygen is majorly used for respiration. Without oxygen, life would have been rendered invalid as it is most crucial for one’s survival. It is majorly used in hospitals for saving lives especially with regards to patients who have respiratory difficulties or those who have suffered from intoxications.

Carbon dioxide (0.04%) is very less likely crucial in our lives but it helps a great deal. Plants use carbon dioxide during photosynthesis and in the process oxygen is generated which is essential for respiratory purposes. Animals on the other hand produce carbon dioxide which is used by the plants. Both plants and animals are interdependent as they rely on each other for survival. In the cases of fire outbreaks, carbon dioxide is crucial as it helps in putting out the fire thus avoiding intoxication casualties.

Noble gases occupy the very least percentage. Despite that, they are very useful in our lives. For example, Neon gas is important for advertising. Helium being less dense is used in air-balloons which are mainly used for sight-seeing exercises.

All the above air components have other major uses but generally, air is very vital to our being. Cases of air and sound pollution are often pushed to the horizon. Air helps in minimizing air pollution in that too much wind blows away the polluted air making it distill. It also clears clogged gases in very busy towns and cities.

Air also helps in creating different weather conditions. When the sun rays heat a water body, vapor rises then condenses after a temperature drop to form water molecules which then comes down as rain.

Different sounds can be heard from short and long distances. Due to the existence of air, this is possible since air carries sound waves from one point to another.

The atmospheric pressure on the earth acts as a mantle. It prevents us from X-rays and other ultraviolet radiation which heats the earth’s surface. Air also makes it possible for objects such as meteors and comets to remain in space.

Change in the weather also brings about change in temperature. Too much sunshine makes the land temperature rise rapidly but gradually on water bodies. Air helps in balancing these temperature changes. Heated air on the land surface rises up while the cool air from water bodies moves to the land.

In minimizing traffic and time wastage, many people opt for air transport. This is faster and does not consume a lot of time since the distance is not that long.

In conclusion, air is very essential for survival and it also serves a very big role in our lives. Without air, life will not be possible on any planet.

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