The Road To Democracy (Essay Sample)

The Road to Democracy


There are countries that do not enjoy liberation and suffer under the yoke of a cruel leader. Democracy means that the State and its Constitution is for the people and by the people. It is a form of government that is united and works hand in hand with the citizens. The type of ruling is not one-sided but always determines the welfare of the people. This type of government is sure to succeed in every goal, endeavor and dream. A State that respects the will of the people is for the people. Leaders who know how to listen to the heart of democracy, to what people are saying, what the people would love to accomplish will surely win their hearts. A nation that is united is composed of individuals who watch the backs of their leaders. It’s a two-sided relationship and communication. It’s a give and take process. Democracy could be in many forms but mostly it is for the advantage of the people and the country. However, this genuine desire could be twisted into something sinister and disastrous. Some organizations and groups commit atrocities and even terrorism all for the name of Democracy. As confusing as it may seem, turn the television on and listen to the news. It happens every day. A Senator who have plundered and accumulated wealth cheating the people says that he has done such willful act all in the name of democracy. On the contrary, Democracy could be such a headline issue that it could also divide and cause disunity. Several countries are known to be democratic while others are more of communism in rule where people are not allowed to protest and have limited rights. The dangers of a democratic country is that people might misunderstand this freedom and use it for the wrong reasons. This is where the laws, statutes and regulations come into play. In the absence of laws, there will be chaos and the genuine principles of democracy will be trampled upon. Governments have established rules and laws that has to be followed to prevent chaos and disunity. There is a protocol, strategy and process to uplift the goals in establishing democracy.

Advantages of Democracy

The road to democracy is not easy, it is full of obstacles and challenges that will cause confusion, success, division or unity. The leadership of the State is at stake when democracy is compromised. The many people desiring to build a peaceful and loving community will be threatened in the absence of Democracy. This is the reason why there are rules and laws must be followed and enforced. The different branches of the government exercises different roles for the achievement of the various programs and projects aiming to develop the very foundation of democracy. Who would have thought that even common individuals play such a great part for the improvement of a country. Democracy belongs to the people and they deserve to be given the best in life. These are the very goals which must be achieved by those who are standing as leaders in the society. In the past days, threats of terrorism has been engulfing various countries leading them all to the brink of despair. Democracy encompasses humanity and the love for life. It is the very essence that allows a government to stand strong and united. Any threat against it shall be obliterated through the use of military force or negotiations and bilateral agreements with other countries where the attacks are coming. Nowadays, there is more need for stronger nations to protect the very principle and ideals of a democratic government.

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