The Punishment Should Fit The Crime (Essay Sample)

The Punishment Should Fit the Crime


We live in a world that is not perfect and full of sorrows. Life has its own fair share of beauty and tranquility but there are times when the challenges and circumstances are too difficult to face. People are divided into two groups: the good versus the bad people. The good ones make the most out of life and work hard to earn a living. They are self-controlled, kind and men with morals or integrity. The good people always find positivity amidst change and chaos, they always find a way to make things right and to do what is just or fair. On the other hand, the bad ones also known to be wicked or evil are the individuals who has no regard for life nor do they have the ability to show mercy and restraint. Their self-interests and wrong intentions drive other people to destruction and the grave. These bad people steal, kill and destroy so that they could get what they want in life. They get what does not belong to them through threats, force and intimidation. This then becomes a criminal offense. The bad people are now called as criminal offenders, liars, criminals, robbers, kidnappers, murderers, recidivists and immoral men and women who break the law, commit crime and feel no repentance in doing so. Every country and state provides laws and statutes that are applied by law enforcers and the legal field to subdue criminality and offenses that cause damages to others. Some people have the criminal propensity to kill and these individuals are damaged to the very core having emotional and mental illnesses that brought them to commit crimes. In the absence of any form of law or statute, there will be total chaos. The justice system works out strategies and protocols to implement the law and to protect the innocent from harm. The police force, military and the legal department work hand in hand to put an end to crime and violence. Law and order work both ways. The law then provides different forms of punishments and penalties that are right for the crime committed. It is the legal courts, judges, juries and lawyers who are in-charge of the decision making process of exacting the proper penalties are tasked with the responsibility to be careful in their resolution to avoid the incarceration of an innocent man.

The Proper Punishment for Specific Crimes

You could watch movies and films of lawyers defending the rights of the accused because even if a man has committed a crime, the Courts of Justice must ensure that the penalties to be imposed must not go beyond the offense committed. In the same way, the penalty must not also be lower than the punishment necessary for the commission of the crime. Why is this so? Because lack or exaggerated penalty meted to the individual who broke the law could amount to injustice on his part or in the part of the victims. The law and Courts are vigilant of this case and have been trained to investigate deeper into the facts of the case. As said before, it is reiterated that the law and the police must collaborate and work together for a common goal to catch the criminal, have him undergo due process of law and lock him up behind bars to keep the community in order. The government has the duty to protect the innocent at all cost with regard to the principles of human rights and life. In the absence of strong men and women who will be brave and bold enough to take a stand, no peace shall prevail.

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