The Political Figure I Admire Most (Essay Sample)

The political figure I admire most

In this article, a political figure is viewed as an individual assigned with public functions. The individual has to be actively involved in politics of the land. In democratic countries, the people are elected via the electorates, and some cases appointed in the event of emergencies like death, resignation, etc. and in non-democratic countries, the political figures are nominated through appointments, revolutions and in some extreme cases, bribery. The primary role of the political figures is to create desirable policies governing the land and the people in it.  Political figures are politicians seeking political powers in an area.

It’s hard to admire a politician, considering that they don’t live as per the oath of office they take. The lives and rights of people they represent do not mean much to them, for example, some male politicians sexually assaults female figures since no action can be taken against them. Also, the increased tax which in some cases is to benefit there does not mean to them anything as they have enough money to buy what they need at any price.  But despite all this, I still admire the 44th American president, Barack Obama, who showed unusual behavior and character.

Barack Obama in his life has taught leaders and others how to live and behave as real leaders. He was a creative politician who got to power through the community he lived in; by getting involved in public activities, the state saw leadership qualities in him and elected him their senator before being elected as the 44th president. He had great qualities that stood out and that are why I admire him.

In the foremost, he had conviction and perseverance. Throughout his campaigns and term as a president, he had a great belief in the power of conviction. He was convinced beyond doubt that no matter your background if you are right you’ll influence others. He believed good things attract people. For example, during his last term in office as the president, his UN-resolution about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was taken by other leaders as a well thought out idea. Even though he was running the most powerful office in the world, he knew that only right things influenced others and not power. He had great perseverance skills especially during his campaigns and the two terms in office. He persevered the idea of failure and matched forward.

He was a leader determined to change; he knew a change was critical to the growth of an individual and a country. Unlike other politicians, he did not only use the word change in his campaigns but lived with it even after winning the presidential race. He changed how the government was run and also changed the views of people about power.

In his statements Obama used the first person plural ‘we’ instead of ‘I.’ He was powerful and wanted people to be involved in what he was doing concerning them. He wanted everyone to feel valued in his administration. He knew the decisions being made were not only to affect him but the whole America.

He knew and understood the power of the art of communication. He was a great listener and hence communicator. He could talk to people regardless of their age, political affiliations, race, etc. with ease. Nothing is inspiring as to know that your leader is listening to your opinion.

Regarding this qualities, the 44th American president remains as the political figure I admire most. The qualities are inspiring and show how leaders should leave their word.

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