The Person I Admire The Most Is My Friend (Essay Sample)

The Person I Admire The Most is My Friend

Everybody has that one person in their life that they admire. Reasons behind the admiration might be physical or character traits that such people possess. Some are admired because of the things they do, their perceptions and values. The one person that I admire the most in my life is my friend Prisca. I admire her simply because of her beauty, brains and sophisticated nature. Prisca is a great beauty whose assets are being talked about everywhere. She has long brown curly hair, white eyes that are big and round like saucers and a perfect body. She is four inches tall with slender legs and a bright contagious smile that involves her whole body, and like a gazelle she is fleet. I admire her physical appearance that is enviable and eye catching.

Prisca has extreme personal traits that make her unique and admirable. She is agreeable. Prisca is very kind; she is friendly, generous and considerate. She is always willing to help whenever possible, and in everything she does, she keeps in mind the people around her as well. Moreover, she is very cooperative; she willingly works with other people nicely to achieve the common shared goal. Whenever she is free, she always pitches in to help me with my class assignments and sometimes hard chores in the house.

Her sophistication and sense of wisdom are commendable. Her hard work and creative nature are always demonstrated with her grades in school. She tops her class in all the units and has won numerous contested battles in the school involving class work. She is more of a go getter who believes in hard work and consistency. For as long as I can remember she has always been used as a good case example in school, church and the neighborhood too.  She is rich in knowledge about the current world events that she owes to reading a lot of books and newspapers. Her taste for fashion and material things is great and overwhelming.

In many occasions, Prisca is genuinely herself. She neither bends nor bows to people for attention or favor. She is very happy and contented with herself. Unlike many of us, she does not copy people to liken herself with them. She speaks up when feeling annoyed to let go of her anger. Prisca leads by example; she encourages instilling discipline in all her friends and younger siblings by being disciplined herself. She has respect and obedience towards everyone, and she always abides by rules and codes of behavior.

Moreover, Prisca is selfless. She always creates time to be there for people who need her help. She gives out food, clothing and even money though she does not have much to help out those who are in need. She is always more concerned with the needs and wishes of others and not her own; she takes active parts in community initiatives intended to help and improve the lives of the less fortunate people in the community.

She is straightforward and humble. She always stands by the truth even when faced with dangers of being left by friends or being victimized. She barely tells lies. Despite having achieved much because of her independence and hard work, she is still humble. She neither brags nor shows off to her peers and friends. She is down to earth and has never paraded around showing off her assets.

In conclusion, every person has another person or other people in life that he or she admires for reasons best known to him or her. I admire my friend Prisca for who she is. Her beauty compounded with her characters makes her admirable. She is not one in a million because everyone is, she is a million in one.

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