The Origin And Nature Of Ethics (Essay Sample)


In every society, there are certain laws that are important to value the rights of every citizen in our community. One good example is the application of ethics because it deals with the creation of law regulation that plays an important role for balancing the society. The use of ethics is important because it helps to measure the order and the outcome of a certain community to ensure that the needs are always met on a regular basis. The nature and the culture of promoting ethics are always valued because there are more positive influences that can bring it to the residents, visitors, or businessmen. In this case, the value of integrating the nature of ethics applied with human activities and nature to become productive and competitive at a certain time period.

The origin of ethics takes back to the ancient times when civilizations started flourishing. When our early ancestors started forming their civilization, they centralized a concept that regulated their activities within their village or community. With the application on the origin of ethics, leaders set several rules and regulations that apply within the members of the village to ensure that there is a unity that can be observed within each member. Any corresponding violations against the laws and ethical procedures are subjected with violations or undesirable consequences to the perpetrator. As communities developed hundreds or even thousands of years later, our ancestors began formalizing ethical practices by means of creating scripts for the leaders and other officials to have a reference point. These are scripts and codes that provide guidance for the leaders and followers to have a unified structure of the society to become productive.

The nature of ethics comes with the instinct of a person is based on their perception towards the activities of other individuals. This is concentrating on the value of actions that are essential to illustrate how things are being valued differently with each other. Human behavior is subjective because the gut feeling of a person makes them realize that there are more important aspects that can be valued with the application of ethics. In this case, the norm is always based on the issue on categorizing the actions or decisions as either appropriate or inappropriate depending on the nature of the issue that affects the integrity of other individuals or groups. The human nature corresponds to the ethical procedures that are important to regulate human activities, which are both useful and not useful to benefit the interest of other individuals involved in the community.

As an implication, the origin and nature of ethics have been playing a significant role to balance the society’s norms and practices. It creates a new identity for the society that is distinct from each other to ensure that their practices and belief. The balance of law and human activities is important because it impact the delivery of proper services by government institutions and private operating organizations to the communities. The essence of discipline is applied for the community members because the nature of ethics provides a reasonable element to prevent unacceptable practices to be experienced by any member of the society. Security and harmony are the main goals for ensuring ethical considerations and applications to the community because there are an optimistic value that impacts the activities and culture of the community that are distinct from other societies (Lindstrom, 2016).


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