The More We Have The More We Want (Essay Sample)

The more we have the more we want

We live in a world where people are obsessed with materialistic things.  We are surrounded by products everywhere that make us want more and more. The availability of many products pushes us to buy new things and have things we do not need simply because we want to compete with other people.  The media also manipulate us in a way that makes us want to have more and more materialistic things.  Many commercials affect us making us believe that we cannot do without some of the products they are selling.  Every year shopping malls are built-in every corner of the city selling attractive products.

Many people visit these places during holidays making it a ritual. Women are known to be impulsive shoppers and obsessed with all kinds of new products in the market. They rarely get satisfied with the clothes they have or the many pieces of jewelry.   Consequently, the more they have they more they want.  In such situations, many of them go out of their way to ensure that they have the best in the market.  Nevertheless, if you do not have enough money you cannot afford these things. That is why people who have more money are admired by others. Anybody who is rich is perceived more of a role model in the society.

The society makes us believe that people who have lots of money are living comfortably and are very happy.  I believe that this is not true. I get surprised seeing how people struggle in life to look for money thinking that if they have more money than they will be happy.  Many people get depressed and become unhappy if they do not have enough money because they assume that having more of it will change their life for the better.  What make them unhappy are the choices they make in life. Many people think that having expensive cars, living in a big house or having a well-furnished apartment will make them happy.  All these materialistic items only provide happiness for a short time, because they live a stressful and difficult life trying to be like other people since they want to have more and more each day. They want more money because they are convinced that they need more to become happier.  However, the more money they have, the more they become stressed and unhappy. Sadly, most people who want more end up dying trying to acquire more wealth.

Having come from a middle-class family, I believe that not having money means being unhappy. In most cases,  those from lower class families seems to content and happy with the little wealth they have acquired compared to the upper class who constantly feel depressed for not having enough money.  I believe that you cannot buy happiness as the rich people think happiness is how something that comes naturally is and it is about appreciating the little things that you have.  I agree with the statement that says money is the root of all evil.

Many people get obsessed with acquiring more wealth to an extent of killing others just to get more wealth.  Some people are obsessed with not only money, but also the power and fame associated with money. It is not surprising to see people killing innocent citizens to remain in power as a leader. We need to be careful not to be ruined by wanting more. Let everyone be contented with the little wealth he has acquired because happiness is about finding the true meaning of life, which is being happy with what you have.

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