The Moment Of Success (Essay Sample)

The Moment Of Success

When I was in grade school, music was not included in my list of interests or goals. On my fourth grade, my classmate invited me to participate in a glee club. I wasn’t aware what it was, but I still agreed and start participating. The moment I was taught about music, I quickly began to show interest in the activity alone. However, music was still not in my cup of tea. When we started rehearsing for a series of songs, I never realized that we are actually joining a competition. When our glee club master requested us to give a waiver to our parents, the excitement began, stating that we are going to compete for a local glee competition and will have the chance to go to the regionals.

At the competition, we won and represented our community for the regionals. Sadly, we ended up in the third place after the regional competition. Although landing on the third spot was a privilege during that time, we were harshly criticized by our glee club master. Our musical coach went berserk upon returning to school and violently throwing chairs because he refuses to accept our failure to win the regionals. Most of us thought that that was the end of our glee club career because we all feel betrayed after the competition. The level of our morale was degraded due to the negative and violent reaction of our adult mentors and coaches who failed to accept our defeat during that time. Since then, we stopped joining glee clubs or any activities that involve singing to forget the painful past that we experienced while we were still young at that time.

When I entered college, I began to join my classmates to spend time accomplishing group projects as a partial fulfillment of our subject. After accomplishing our requirements, one of our classmates offers us their karaoke or videoke and started singing. Singing after a group project became a part of our routine, until we started singing our favorite songs during college. I decided to join for an audition to be a part of the choir club in our college. Sadly, I did not pass the audition, simply because I chose the wrong song. So I decided to stop dreaming until I became a professional and was employed to a company. As a young professional, I enjoyed the company of my new colleagues while accomplishing daily tasks with the best of our abilities (Dingle, 2014).

One day, I was busy navigating online to research on a product that I was going to promote as part of my professional activity. A singing advertisement popped out in my screen, inviting anyone who is interested in an audition to become the next big singing star. At first, I was reluctant, but then I applied on the last day. The producers reached me out and told me to audition. I filed for a leave of absence and shocked my colleagues when they saw me on television. When I was a finalist, I knew that this is the moment of success that I had been waiting for. I landed as a runner up during the finals night of the competition, but it was still the most memorable experience that I experienced the most unforgettable success that permanently changed my life after that particular night.


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