The Man Should Be The Dominant Partner In A Marriage (Essay Sample)

The Man Should Be the Dominant Partner in a Marriage

Relationships are as complicated as the nature of human beings themselves. While there are so many people priding themselves as experts in the field, it is evident that every relationship comes with its own unique set of challenges. To this end therefore, the issues compounding each of these relationships come as distinct packages too. Gender superiority is one of the most common issues in relationships. The question of who should be superior between the man and the woman in a relationship, always arise so often. There are various dimensions that can be used to address this issue, mostly, the religious one.

Every marriage requires a submissive and a dominant person. There are only two views towards marriage and its roles; the modern view and the traditional view of marriage. The traditionalist view argues that the man should be the dominant partner in a marriage and thus should strive to feed and sustain the family. The wife should, therefore, deal with house chores such as cooking and washing and rearing children.

The bible supports the traditional view by stating that God created man and later a woman to offer companion and as a helper to the man Christianity originates from a patriarchal community which gives the man the authority and thus further supports the traditionalist view that the man should dominate in marriage.

The modernist view postulates that a man and a woman are equal. The modern view is quite liberal and is against the idea that the man should dominate, instead, is argues that both partners deserve equal life chances. The modernists feel that all human beings are created in the likeness of God and thus none should dominate over the other. This modern perception is mostly upheld by the current generation, which is not held or much entrenched in cultural beliefs as compared to the older generation. The modernist perspective is in most cases a clear representation of the general population’s expectations.

Both a man and a woman therefore, have a responsibility to provide for the family. My personal view, however, is that both partners should have a discussion and make decisions as they fundamentally need each other and can’t engage in a stable marriage if they do not appreciate and respect each other. This shared responsibility and need for equal voice, provides a balance for the partners, and helps demystify the belief that men should be more superior to women in a relationship.

If a woman is submissive by nature, then she should seek a man who has a dominant personality. Regardless of whether the man dominates in the marriage or not, a marriage entails two people who become one to create a balanced human being.

The bible has various excerpts with various assertions. In the Old Testament, most versions place the man as the head of the family. As a result, he is the one who should take the lead when it comes to matters concerning relationships. In the New Testament however, there are verses that try highlighting the importance of equality between man and woman in any setup. Respect between these two should therefore be mutual, and there should be no instance where one party feels oppressed by the other.

In a nutshell therefore, the position of men and women in a relationship is down to only the two of them; how they have agreed to run their relationship. Every relationship is unique in its own nature, and therefore, there is no need to use a blanket rule to cover all of them. The partners set the rules for themselves.

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