The Life You Save May Be Your Own (Analysis Essay Sample)

The Life You Save May Be Your Own

This is a short American story, authored by Flannery O’Connor. In her collection of short stories (a good man is hard to find), this is one of the ten short stories published in 1955 may 12. The author Flannery has used various structures in symbolizing religion, faith, pain, and symbolism. The tone the author has used in symbolizing various situations is ravaging the readers to have the full picture of the characters sound and feeling while reading. This so far has become one of the best techniques so far used by Flannery.  There is religious imagery which is portrayed in the story. This imagery, as they have been shown, is a representation of Shiftlet’s faith and religious beliefs mixed together with the immorality of the world of which is displeasing to him. The use of imagery is first portrayed when the author discloses that Shiftlet is a carpenter and his body emulates the shape of the cross while under the sun. After Mr. Shiftlet repairing Mrs. Carter’s car, he drives off with a symbolic expression of diffidence that simplifies he has just raised a dead. When shiftless leaves Lucynell in the hot spot, imagery is shown when the boy behind the counter suggests that she looks like an angle from Gawd. This essay is based on the short story about Mr.  Shiftlet, it seeks to describe the content an analyses the symbolic application by the author

In the story, Mr. Shiftlet has much interest in life and this is related to the life Jesus Christ. This is shown as Shiftlet views money as the root of evil and still yet he is a carpenter who loathes money. Moreover, he embraces moral intelligence. All this portrays that his life is closely compared to the life of Christ. He makes his right choices depending on the instincts. Shiftlet walked into the farm of Lucynell and found Lucynell daughter who was retarded and deaf. Tom uses imagery in demonstrating the cross by raising his arms and forming a crooked cross with his body before he makes an introduction. In the conversations, tom is not removing his eyes from the automobile. However, Shiftlet continues to make much inquiry which she cannot manage to reply to. For instance, ‘what is a man?’ Tom was really in love with the automobile and wished it could be his. However, Mrs. Carter sees Shiftlet as a prospective son in law and a good man who can do well on the farm. All this shows the imagery as well as how Shiftlet view religion. Shiftlet continues ingratiating himself and teaching Lucynell some aspect of life, as well as performing some duties for her by repairing the roof of the house. He fixes and repairs the automobile and later on paints it. Though Shiftlet had earlier said that he would not marry but later own Shiftlet is offered some cash, given the automobile and is promised to be given a house if he will agree to marry her daughter. There is some significant symbolism showed in this story as the light of the sun is compared to the eye God. While driving to their honeymoon he cannot stop thinking about her at later leaves her in the automobile while sleeping. The use of imagery is seen when the boy describes her as an angle from Gawd. Shiftlet is despised about his actions and later on drives off only to help a boy whom he started narrating about his old woman. The author uses these techniques in informing that life is exemplary.

In conclusion, the short story concerning Shiftless life is very significant since it portrays how Shiftlet and Mrs. Carter are into material things the world and try so hard to relate to the spiritual realm. Shiftlet got an opportunity to get he wanted, for instance, a girl to marry, the automobile and other material things. This shows how Christians of late are struggling with material things forgetting the spiritual life which could be dead as result of ignorance.

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