The Joy Of Reading (Essay Sample)

The joy of reading

The joy of reading is something that cannot be described, it is something that you need to experience to understand how it feels. Reading gives us a much-needed break from the normal chaotic life experiences. Reading instills peace and relaxes the brain. Even you read even a newspaper or any other article; it gives you a great feeling because you are in your world.  Your world is filled with interesting characters from the literature you are reading. Reading increases our imagination helping us to think about our ideas visually. Depending on what type of type of content you are reading, the experience is the same as someone watching a great movie.

I have been a rapacious reader since I was young; I never get bored when I am alone because I find myself reading almost anything, which for me is the best medicine to kill boredom. The excitement I feel surging inside when I turn the pages or after reading, an interesting article is colossal. I get mixed feelings like hating the character being described in the book and also feeling happy when the story ends happily, such experiences makes you want to read more books.

As a child the most exciting time was when my father mentioned that we were taking a trip to the nearest bookstore, I would look forward to choosing my next book. Even though I already had enough books to start a mini library, I always wanted to read more books. When I walked into the bookstore, I would always marvel how many new books and arrives since the last time I visited the store. I would walk along the shelves looking for my new read I picked different books from adventure books to comic series.

Flipping the pages of my new books give me the itchy sensation I always felt as a child. It is an amazing experience when you travel to places through reading; I meet people from countries that I never knew existed without having to leave the house. The different emotion I feel when I read fictional books makes me forget everything around me. Having a good book and a comfortable chair placed at the corner, this is one of my happiest moments. What started with reading simple storybooks as a child has turned to be a hobby.

I always want to improve myself; I prefer reading management books and other spiritual books to fiction books. This is a journey that has been fantastic because I able to learn something with each passing day by reading.  I understand my thoughts and emotions clearly, reading has made me realize who I am making my life more meaningful because of I am a better thinker.

Picking a book and reading is not enough, you’re reading strategies are the most important features that makes reading worthwhile. When I come to a cross new ideas or a different opinion, I think deeply about it instead of rejecting it blindly. I try to reason by analyzing all the argument perspectives. I reflect about what I have read. Good reading materials should be an article that awakens your thoughts. When you maintain the habit of reading and reflecting on the new ideas each day, you will change your thoughts and values.  Reading challenges our thoughts out ideas, customs and tradition that you have been imparted on  us as a child. To experience the joy reading it upon you to make reading a daily habit by investing most of our  time doing it. The habit of reading is like exercising your mind to stay mentally fit and flexible.

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