The Importance Of Safeguarding (Essay/Paper Sample)

The Importance of Safeguarding

Each individual desires protection from any harm or danger. The vulnerable groups like children, marginalized individuals and the differently abled persons always stand out as the ones in need of security. However, guarding goes beyond the obvious thought process geared towards vulnerability. Actually, every living thing is entitled to safety with appropriate measures being in place to ensure equality. It is the duty of care to every individual whether in a leadership position or not to shield the values and rights of vulnerable people. Regardless of the form of protection, safety measures have tremendous benefits.

Realization of human rights and protection of human life and well-being exists due to the preservation of sound actions. For instance, promoting a child’s welfare and enabling such a defenseless individual to have good health, food and shelter highlight on human life protection. Guarding ensures the intended care and access of citizens to resources are fulfilled. It calls for action against any fraudulence dealings that aims at suppressing others. For example, Female Genital Mutilation is a widely practiced exercise that violates the girl child’s right. In most cases, parents and village elders collude in performing this act. With protection entities in place, such practices get shunned promoting a sustainable life for the unprotected children.

A channel for eradicating inequality and discrimination. Often, we are treated according to our social caste. The rich get the best services contrary to what the poor get offered at the same level. In health care operations, health providers are empowered to offer safe and supportive care to all patients. It also applies to political arenas, education systems and employment. Income and gender inequality have innately affected human development. Women still belong to the vulnerable category of people and discriminated against on gender basis. Violence and sexual harassment among other evils characterize their pain. Moreover, even men get marginalized due to color, language and ethnic identity. Nonetheless, safeguarding plays a crucial role in creating equality and an enabling environment for all.

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It prevents abuse as it aims to promote openness by creating awareness of such ill acts among people. Relevant information is shared among the involved parties. The info shared enables the target audience to mitigate risk occurrences and report where necessary. Consequently, safeguarding preserves life and also, an organization’s culture or reputation. For instance, managers may have set safeguarding policies and rules that protect their employees against any harm. An organizational culture based on this defines the behavioral aspects of workers.

It acts as an enabling factor for the disadvantaged people to get access to desired aspirations. Through security, one has no fear to demand something due to the guaranteed fortification. It stimulates courage, confidence and discourages intimidation and self-pity. It’s a tool forward to success and better living.

Safeguarding seeks to endorse and maintain the standard view of life. Each person has an undeniable right to humane attributes and basic necessities. Thus, preservation of life calls for accountability. It responds to unjust happenings in people’s lives and desires to keep the less-privileged persons at par with the common man’s way of life. The urge to obtain justice characterizes the safeguarding concept. In essence, such a model is applicable to almost every institution that aims at embracing the frail individuals. Whether a nurse, a teacher, a judge or a student, all face responsibilities that require protection of what they have in custody.  For instance, a midwife or nurse plays a crucial part in protecting the life of the mother and the child being born. Therefore, the significance of safeguarding largely depends on the actions we take at whatever level we serve.

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