The Harder The Conflict The More Glorious The Triumph (Essay Sample)

The Harder the Conflict the More Glorious the Triumph

In everyday life, people face various challenges and trials which in turn create different conflicts in life. The things or challenges that are difficult to overcome yield the most pressure once they have been accomplished. This is the essence of the saying “The harder the conflict the more glorious the triumph” by Thomas Paine. Triumph in this case can be defined as a feeling achievement or being victorious. If one is not challenged enough to do better or persevere in his/her undertaking, he/she will be lured to quit at the slightest sign of failure or resistance. Conflicts in this case can occur in social settings, academically or spiritually. The pressure that people gain from achieving things that otherwise seemed impossible is arguably higher that the pleasure that one would achieve following the first attempt.

Some people do not believe that the hardest challenges yield the greatest satisfaction once they are completed. On the contrary, many people loves executing tasks that give pleasure no based on the challenges that they pose but based on the amount of pleasure they generate. Despite this, there is a general agreement that tasks which require the greatest efforts are the ones that offer the greatest happiness particularly when they are completed. When faced with a challenging situation, a person becomes stressed and uncertain as to the possibility of whether he will be able to sail through or conquer. If one does not have such an experience, he or she will not be able to look back in pride and say to him or herself that he/she made it.

Despite the fact that it is important to experience pain and setbacks in order to gain a spirit of achievement, the end results outweigh the memories of misery. The great effort put towards completing a given task allows a person to feel happy even in cases where the desired end result was not achieved. For example, is a person prepares for an audition for a prolonged time but mess up during the big day, he or she will feel better that he/she tried her best and thus will not have any regrets or make self-judgments regarding the failure. Failure is something that one consciously knows that he/she had not been prepared enough for end up making that person to feel as a failure or worse to feel self-pity. On the contrary, if a person knowingly put all effort in doing something, that person can still comfort him/herself even in cases where the intended outcomes were not realized.

Notably, many great leaders, thinkers and business people faced many challenges on their way to success. However, through perseverance, they were able to turn failure into a success story. In essence, the outcomes of great efforts translate into a glorious achievement and a feeling of being victorious. Unlike simple situations which call for lesser efforts, challenging situations will demands greater effort and perseverance but in the end, the level of happiness is also big. This is true for any kind of conflict that an individual may be facing, may it be social, economic, political, emotional or psychosocial.

In life people undergo various types of conflicts whether with their inner self or with actors in their immediate environment. Different situations call for different approaches with each requiring varying degree of effort to achieve. Some tasks or situations may seem humongous to achieve often leading people to give up along the way. However, those who persevere to the end attain a high level of happiness as they are able to look back with pride and say as Paine put it that “the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.”

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