The Green World (Essay Sample)

The green world

The green color is a significant characteristic of the natural environment. The color is associated with forest and natural ecosystem. It is a perfect symbol of good social order in the society. The destruction of green environment interrupts the flow of fresh air. Human activities like farming and settlement destroy green ecosystem. The substantial part of the natural forest has been destroyed through deforestation. Protecting and preserving the green world is a vital role of all stakeholders. We have the responsibility of ensuring that no single pollution and contamination is evidenced. The current and future generation inherits the natural environment from the past generation. Safeguarding and maintain the initial status of the green world is a great responsibility. Various bodies have focused their attention and focus on different environmental issues affecting the green world. Environmentalists have launched campaigns against environmental destructions. Planting of trees, use of solar energy and other alternatives sources of energy are among the most effective approach to maintaining the green world.

Urbanization is the greatest enemy of the green world. The majority of the current generation is born and raised in towns. A Bigger proportion of people is migrating from rural to urban setup. These groups of the population are deprived of the knowledge and skills of the green world. Despite enjoying the extreme benefits and pleasure of products made from green world, they are yet to realize the significance of living in a natural environment. Mobilization about protecting the green world is inevitable. The present generation should be enlightened on the need to protect the green world. They should be cautioned against their unresponsive behavior towards the green world. Most importantly, the present generation ought to know the economic contribution of the green world.

Natural forests and vegetation cover are the main cornerstones of the natural world. However, excessive human activities are harmful to sustainable green world. In spite the economic value of farming and settlement to the human race, the environmental repercussions of these activities outmatched their merits. There should be a precise balance between farming, settlement, and the natural world. Certain parts of the land should be preserved to sustain the green world. Protective laws and regulations should be implemented to guard against excessive destruction of vegetation cover through human activities either for economic development or settlement. Apparently, planting of trees around and within homestead should be made legal for any household head. Moreover, other rules should be formulated to protect cutting of trees specifically for timber. For instance, plant two trees when one tree is cut down. These measures are vital to maintaining the green world.

The other enemy of the green world and the primary source of greenhouse gases is fuel production. Energy is vital for sustaining human life both domestically as well as within the industry. The rapid population growth has piled immense pressure of the demand and supply of energy. Domestically, the demand for a steady supply of energy is on the rise since it is used for lighting, warning the house, entertainment, and laundry. Firewood, charcoal, and hydroelectricity are the primary sources of energy for domestic and industrial purposes. These sources have been the greatest sources of pollution in the universe. Currently, the focus has shifted to production of energy through environmental friendly approach. The use of the solar panel to convert natural sun rays to electricity is encouraged. The solar energy does not pollute the environment but protects the green world. Similarly, other environmentally friendly alternative green energy should be encouraged to maintain the green world for a future generation. In conclusion, the natural environment is beneficial for human race and animals. It should be protected for sustainable development. The green world is brought in homes in the abstract form of green energy as well as wood products. These products enhance our living standards.

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