The Greatness Of India (Essay Sample)

The Greatness of India

The greatness of India as a country is overwhelming and significant. India is also referred to as “Bharat” in her national language. It is the largest country in the Indian subcontinent located in south Asia. India is the seventh largest country worldwide by area and the second populous country after China with over a billion people. Moreover, India is the most populous democracy in the world. India is well known for its rich traditional and cultural values plus its advancement in technology and medicine. This paper is meant to discuss the greatness of India.

The Indian diversity and unity are of its kind in the world because of its largest population. Her vast population speaking over a hundred different languages belonging to several religions plus different races manifest endless cultural features that make it unique.  Though Hinduism is the most prominent religion in India, she is a country of multiple religions including Christianity and Buddhism. India is also home to more than six ethnic group including her original inhabitants and immigrants who migrated from other regions. Despite her being diverse with people of different languages, dialects, religions, and ethnicity, her citizens believe in oneness and are united. The unity is behind India’s economic development that is currently scaling higher heights.

Moreover, another important factor that makes India a great country is its fast growing economy. Despite being a third world country with a population of over a billion people, her economy is growing fast as a result of economic liberalization that began in the 1990’s. She was in fact rated the sixth largest economy gross domestic product-wise in the year 2017. Currently, India has one of the largest automotive industry in the world that is well known for the manufacture of motorcycles, tractors and commercial vehicles across the world.

India is also rich regarding its numerous physical features. Her physical features range from valleys rich in agricultural products to deserts where nothing barely grows. It is also drained by large rivers and lakes all over. India is well known for her largest mountains covered with snow for longer periods throughout the year. Mountains such as the Himalayas are sources of rivers like Ganga and Indus whose water are used for irrigation purposes meant to feed and sustain her large population.

The great name of India cannot be mentioned without tagging along with the number of professionals the country has. Currently, the country has the second largest employed human resources. Her professionals include engineers, doctors and actors plus actresses just to mention a few. India is currently one of the leading countries in the science of surgery and medicine. Her movies and songs characterized by skilled and talented actors, actresses and musicians are known worldwide. Her institutions of higher learning produce well-qualified grandaunts who are always up for grabs by leading companies in the world.

India is also home to many inventions and incidents that changed people’s lives. India is believed to be a country full of talented and innovative people not only currently but also in the ancient days. Indians contributed a lot in the mathematics field, the value of pi was first calculated in India by Budhayana who also explained the Pythagoras theorem concept. Trigonometry, Calculus and the number system were birthed in India. Chess which is the brilliant mind blowing game was created in India as well as the game of snakes and ladders. It is also believed that surgery began in India 2600 years ago by Sushruta who is considered to be the father of surgery.

In conclusion, India is a great country that has overcome the odds of being a developing country into being deemed as an emerging super power. It has rich and diverse cultural features owing to its largest population from different ethnic groups speaking different languages and dialect. Her inventions, economic growth, skilled professionals, diversity and unity among other factors are key to its greatness.

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