The Game I Like Most – Cricket (Essay Sample)

The game I like most – cricket

Cricket is a game that originated from England; cricket is one of the popular games that started in London club at Hambledon in 1750. Thomas Lord was the pioneer of the club. Cricket has achieved its popularity in other parts of the world, including Asia and many Commonwealth countries like Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and West Indies, India, and Pakistan. Cricket is my best outdoor game, and I often play with my friends when I am free. The rules are simple to understand, there are 11 players in the game with six batsmen, two all rounder and three fast bowlers. The team is lead by a skipper.

Since I was young, I loved playing cricket with my friends and still play the game up to date. I play it once a week, mostly on my days off. I often like watching international cricket tournaments on television, and I have never missed the day my country India plays cricket in any international tournament. Even though India is a good team, India has never beaten Pakistan in any test match. Pakistan has the best cricket players in the world.

Cricket is a simple but unique game played between two teams, each team having the chance to have 2 to 3 substitutes. In every match, two umpires are in charge of adjudicating on all points and ensure that the game is fairly played. The captain who wins the toss decides if his team will bat first, or might decide if the opponents should bat.  The captain’s decision is made by the state of the pitch that is mostly affected by the weather conditions. An inning is achieved when all the players of the side have batted. During the match, the score is generated based on the number of runs the batsmen manage to score.

The one-day cricket tournament is the best to watch as two teams each with 11 players fight to win the match.  It is the captain responsibility to decide whether to bat or bowl first .Each player in the team plays for 50 overs with each player having the chance to bowl six times. The team that starts batting sets a run target for its opponent. If the first team restricts the second team from collecting many runs the first team wins the match. Nevertheless, if the second team crosses the run by accumulating more points they are the winners.  It is unusual for the two teams to score exact points.

I like playing cricket and do practice a lot. I play for our local cricket team .I is an all rounder in cricket, and I love to score runs. Cricket is the most popular sport in my country that is why you will find children playing it everywhere you go. Like other sports, to be a cricket player you need to be fit, practice well and use different techniques to win. You need the muscle power. Good strategy, teamwork is essential to win any match. The thrill and excitement that comes with the sport are the main reasons like playing this sport.

Cricket is a fascinating game for many spectators,   during test matches, there is a mad rush for people to buy tickets just to watch their favorite teams play.  There is a wide applause when each player makes a run.  The atmosphere of the games is leisurely to some, but the atmosphere can suddenly change especially when the score changes. The best games to watch is when India plays with England, this is one of the toughest games. Overall cricket is a team game that requires unity and great focus to win.

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