The Death Of Hired Man (Analysis Essay Sample)

The Death of a Hired Man

This is primarily a poem that involves a farmer known as “warren” and his wife known as “Mary” conversing later in the evening concerning an ex-employee who left the farm in an unexpected hour after being offered some good cash and later returned to the farm looking miserable. The poem was written by Robert frost, Robert frost analyses the situations one can get in and creates a debate between a farmer (warren) and his wife (Mary). The wife represents emotion, sympathy, love and evaluates human emotions. The man on the other hands represents any other man who pays close attention to work, respect to one’s work as well as their contribution towards work done. The farmer (warren) also represents intelligence, practicality and rationality. the “hired “man represents the person who usually roams around in every work places not paying full attention of how he can be can useful to others. Robert in his poem tries to show forgiveness to people. Even if one has engaged in a wrongdoing but he still has a chance to be forgiven. Robert show this through poetic, structural and using metrical devices. This poem seeks to portray to people that one can be forgiven, accepted and continue with life. This essay seeks to describe the theme and analyze the poem

Here comes warren (the farmer) who engages his wife on a debate in the evening that this fellow “Silas” went away when I most needed him and here he comes to work and expect everything is ok. Silas left for better pay during busy season which riley frustrated Warren. As a human being with understand ting and emotion Mary is a person and a woman who closely shows abundance in compassion than his husband. Mary tries to show Warren the better sides of Silas and in her attempt she realizes how difficult it is. She has already forgiven Silas for his action furthermore she openly welcomes him back to the farm. This shows how caring Mary is as she tries to take good care of him. This is what Mary tries to show to her husband all throughout. In this incident, concerning Mary, Robert “the poet” presents his poem in a way that analysis and critical understanding need to be undertaken. Robert portrays that people need to be forgiven before their life is cut shot. Robert starts forecasting his theme on “home “  and “the idea about home” throughout this conversation Robert examines the social and family fabric where places or homes are potentially, places of neighbors interaction. This is seen when Mary tries to argue that this farm is the only place Silas could call it home, and they should forgive and accept him back to the farm with open heart. Warren is more rational and unfair in his judgment about Silas. Robert also notices that indeed Mary is companionate and more emotional in her sword “I sympathize”. But warren emphasizes on “home is a place where, when you go in they have to take you in” Warren concludes that their farm is not his home where one could just come in and be accepted. As Warren passion rises he starts to shout in order for Silas to hear, and due to concern Mary asks warren to lower his tone as Silas is broken in body and spirit. Later on Silas dies and Mary riley feels deeply affected. There are many structural, poetic, and metrical ways frost uses to analyze his theme of the poem.

In conclusion the poem is simply a representation of how human beings undergo in time of difficulty. Warren as the farmer is seen determined not to allow Silas to stay in their farm. Contrary to Mary who shows more compassion and full of emotion that sees her try to convince warren to give Silas another chance to live in the farm. All this Robert drives our attention being free to forgive and accepts someone in case they have engaged in wrongdoing. Robert showed how Mary was compassionate and caring although Silas died but she represented a figure of forgiveness.

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