The Country I Would Like To Visit – Italy (Essay Sample)

The Country I Would Like To Visit Is Italy

Everyone has a destination in mind where they would like to visit or have their honeymoon. When I was young, I made a bucket list and in it I included several countries I would like to visit. So far I have not managed to visit any but I still have the list and I intend to cross each element. I believe that before I get to the point of settling down I will have at least crossed each country on my list. Of the countries on the list, Italy is the one I love and would like to visit first. Italy is and has always been a tourist’s delight because of how deep the culture is there and also the tasty and ever delicious Italian cuisine. The wine is also something that I would really like to taste while the heavenly deserts are indeed something worth flying there. Italy is indeed rich in history as well and the art is something that has always set it aside from the rest of Europe. Almost everything that comes from Italy is superb and of great excellence. Italians understand what class is and from how every man in the world craves an Italian suit, it is as if there is nothing wrong with Italy. This article will outline the reasons why I would like to visit Italy and at one point in my life live there for some time.

First of all, I would like to visit Italy because of the old art and culture the country has. I believe that Italy is home to some of the oldest stories in our history. It is impossible to talk about history without mentioning the Romans or people like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Donatello. Italy has the best crop of painters in the world. The pieces of art the likes of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo painted are currently worth millions of dollars. Their work was excellent to say the least and still continues to wow the world today. The Roman ruins are also sites that everyone would want to see. As stated before, history is a big part of us and it played a key role in shaping Italy.

Secondly, I would want to visit Italy because of the food or the delicious Italian cuisine and the impeccable quality of red wine the country offers. None in the world can compete with Italian cuisine. It is delicious, fresh, colorful, filled with passion (one can even taste it in the food), and it is also flavorsome. I would like to sample the wood-fried pizzas, the Tuscan pasta and spaghetti as well as any other type of delicacy I would get my hands on. It is no secret that Italy also boasts of the best red wine in the world. People travel from all over the world to go and taste the fine red wine the country offers. The Chianti, Lombardy, and Piedmont vineyards are indeed some of the world’s best and their consistency is indeed unmatched.

Finally, the Italian cities are also, for lack of a better word, legendary. The cities boast of modern as well as ancient plans which makes it unique and also incredibly breathtaking. One can breathe and even touch the rich cultural heritages that fill the cities of Venice, Rome, Cagliari, Siena, Florence, Naples, Genoa, Milan, and Palermo. The festivals are also a sight for sore eyes and with the info I have regarding them, I would indeed welcome the opportunity to attend one. I pray and hope I will get the chance to cross Italy from my list and enjoy what the culturally rich nation offers.

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