The Breakup Of A Friendship (Essay Sample)

The Breakup of a Friendship

A friend is someone who understands you and can make you feel better during trying times. Close friends are companions and as dependable as a family can be. However, sometimes, they change or reveal their true agenda and you may feel the need to break up the friendship that already harms you. Here are the signs indicating that you should start avoiding your friend and how to do it without giving you greater headache.

The relationship must be clipped if friends already borrow money and never pay in time or at all. Money is a huge denominator in a friendship breakup. A friend who keeps on asking for money and does not show earnest effort in repaying it is someone who is noxious to your life. The “loans” can start with something small until they swell up. Soon, the friend steers clear from you because of inability to pay. What can be worse is that he brags about his material things and vacations in his social media accounts yet he cannot pay what he owes you. Definitely, you should stop lending him money and if he continues to refuse to pay, it is time to end the friendship with him.

Emotional neediness that becomes toxic is another signal to conclude the friendship. A good example is a friend who gets overly sensitive when you do not have time for her. She is also quite possessive and hates it when you spend time with others even when they are loved ones. At this point, you feel already strained as if you are choking because of her demanding nature. When you are having anxiety at the thought of seeing your friend, the mental issues that she is giving you are no longer worth it and you must end your connection with her.

Bad-influence friends are definitely the kind of people you must stop including in your life. Friends who motivate you to do bad things, like habits that harm your health, should be removed. Worse, if they ask you to do things that can be considered as unethical or illegal, they are surely the antithesis of friends for keeps. Friends should help bring out the best in you and keep you out of trouble and not generate problems in your life. If you think they are a bad influence already and you are experiencing negative consequences due to spending time with them, you should highly consider letting them go. The next question after knowing that the friendship must be terminated is how to go about it in a gentle manner where friends would not go berserk.

The reaction to every bad friend relies on what they did to warrant the end of the friendship. If the friend loaned money and keep on neglecting the responsibility to pay it, you can send a letter online or in mail about your resolution. You can ask him to pay for it within a stated duration of time and if he refuses to do so, tell him to stop contacting you for money or anything again. Another situation is the emotionally needy friend. As long as this friend does not border on psychotic, it is best to be direct and honest. Tell her face to face that you both deserve space to find new friends who will match each other better. If you do not like personal talks, you can simply keep away from this friend altogether and she should get the message. Finally, a friend who is bad influence can likewise be slowly avoided. Stop attending activities where he asks to meet up with you and shun your hangout places. Spend more time doing things that are good for you. If you influence him positively, then you can remain friends but if he dislikes the changes, he himself will end his friendship with you.

Never remain in a friendship that is toxic to you financially, psychologically, and physically. A friend should be a light in your life, a guide to help you become the best version of yourself. Any other person who is an obstacle to this journey is far from being a true friend. The world is huge and particularly larger because of social media. You can always find people who can be real friends and who are good for your welfare.

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