The Book Of Eli (Summary Essay Sample)

The Book of Eli

This essay contains realistic related to the bible. It tells the story of a man’s faith as he honors the almighty God in his life and follows God’s will no matter how challenging the life became. In this film, Eli, the actor heads to the western part for reasons that are not known to the viewers until sometime in the movie. As he is on his journey, he faces many challenges and temptations for instance, lack of shelter, lack of safe drinking water, criminals who have bad intention on him, and majorly his rival who was known as Carnegie. Carnegie is looking for one specific book that he believes it holds the power and ability to unite and bring together different people under his authority, Eli so happens to have in his possession the only copy remaining in the entire world. This essay seeks to analyze the book of Eli plus the theme in the book.

In this film, the theme of evil versus good is dominantly contrasted. It is clearly that Eli represents the goodwill as he trusts the Almighty’s will for his life and constantly seeks Him. While it is also evident enough that Carnegie his rival represents a little portion of evil in the world as he seeks for the remaining copy of the original bible for his own interest. Without God’s word among the people it was is believed that this humanity has lost the meaning of life. Many people have never even heard anything concerning the word of God. This is a way to show how the devil his works in many countries do. The Bible is still barred in many states, and people are perishing. We Christians who know God need to be faithful like Eli did in this movie and show that the goodwill to the world.
There are two major viewpoints in the bible which is clearly shown in this movie. The main character, Eli, frequently protects the bible with his life, reads from it day and night, and hides its words in his heart and mind. This is a perfect example of Psalm 119:11. Eli believes that God has enabled him to have the book for a good reason. However, Carnegie ha killed many people in his pursuit for the book. He believes that its words can be used as a weapon and will give him full ability to control of the feeble and desperate people. He was a killer from the start, not holding the reality. These perspectives are very different, and in the end, only one will truly triumph over. In this movie, Eli is portrayed as a spiritual individual who is guided by his belief and calls to protect the only existing copy of the Bibl. He is physically and emotionally strong in his journey and keeps moving on no matter what faces on the way. During the film, he recites over in his heart the scripture II Corinthians 5:7, which says that one need to walk by faith, not walk by sight. His character is displayed as concerned and compassion. He frequently prays and seeks God’s will for his existence throughout. In the beginning he shares his food with a mouse, which shows his caring nature .Elis is physically powerful as he resists many trials he faces on his way yet still he never lost his focuses on his journey. After being asked by Carnegie to remain in his small town to help him with his job of finding the book, and that he has no otherwise. Eli replies, it’s always a choice. With this assertion, I strongly believe he is making reference to the enticements human being go through when times get hard. All through Eli shows the goodwill while his rival represents Lucifer in the bible.

In conclusion the book of Eli signifies the importance of one to uphold Christianity and how man has the desire for power. All this is shown by Carnegie who has his focus on finding the book of which he could use it to control over the human.eli represents Jesus an the book of Eli has really played a positive impact in people to remain strong and never treble in times of difficulty.

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