The Book I Enjoyed The Most (Essay Sample)

The Book I enjoyed the most


Reading your favorite book promotes a relaxation method to overcome stress and anxiety. The reason behind is that it seeks to make you calmer as you read the details of the book’s content that satisfies your interest. The chosen book that I enjoy reading is Cinderella, which is a fairy tale themed book that presents about a person who met her love interest that changed her life permanently. This is the book that I enjoyed the most that has been able to ensure that it significantly fulfill one’s desire to allow their dreams to have a temporary relief. This is because every person has the tendency to utilize their fantasy in order to satisfy their dreams in a temporary way. This is the reason why I enjoy reading the book that seeks to measure my interest as well as to improve the way I perceive things in life.

I love the book, which is why I consider enjoying it because there is significance from the plot of the story that can relate to my personal life. There is a reflective interest applied by the book that enhances my knowledge and belief that I will be able to relate my personal issues with the book’s scenes. This is because the context is focused on a person’s childhood interest wherein it presents who a child struggles with their childhood challenges. It reflects the chance to know the logical way of improving your cognition in order to accomplish a certain task. All throughout the book’s storyline, it seeks to enhance the advantage of measuring the way that you could cope up with several stressful activities that makes your life better (Rowling, 1997).

One thing that is interesting is when you are going to establish friendship with your enemies. With the combination of fantasies through magical presentation, the context stimulates your senses and promotes your intellectual understanding. The reason behind for this action is to know the strengths and weaknesses as you are learning more about their behavior and character. This is comparable in real life when a person engages a relationship with other individuals to know their real character. Discovering your real friends is important because you will know who will you trust and cooperate. However, the thing that seems inappropriate is the issue regarding violent crashes between the main character and the antagonist of the film. This is the reason why the movie version restricted the audiences by preventing children aged 13 and below not to watch it because it stimulates violence against other individuals.

Why I enjoyed reading it? This is because it helps me bring back my childhood memories and learn new things. The lesson learned from the book I enjoyed reading the most is all about knowing you should choose as your company. The reason behind is that trust is very valuable to every relationship that you establish with other individual or group. When trust is broken, your friendship or relationship could no longer make sense towards a certain individual who betrayed you while establishing friendship. The book I enjoyed the most is recommended to other readers because they can learn more about balancing their friendships with other individuals. In addition, it is important to explore new things because learning helps a person to improve skills and knowledge whenever there are ideas that are fresh.


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