The Best Of Me (Essay Sample)

The Best of Me

After twenty years of separation, the two lovers are reunited in a way that can be termed as mystical yet mysterious. Nicholas Sparks, using these unexplained coincidences and fake melodrama, traps James Marsden and Michelle Monaghan who are the actors of the film. This is the latest adaptation of Nicholas Sparks to show up on big screens. The story unfolds of star-crossed lovers who have been separated by a cruel fate. Dawson (James Marsden) and Amanda (Michelle Monaghan) were two high school lovebirds. They are later reunited after 20 years. It happened coincidentally after the death of a mutual friend back in the hometown they grew up in.

While they were apart, they detected some signs; however, that indicated their spiritual bond which was mystical. They were separated by geography, but while they dreamed of each other, they would listen to the same song during the same instance of time. Dawson was fond of gazing up the stars and musing over destiny. When he was nearing death, in his vision, was his lover. Dawson still had sparkling blue eyes in his forties that indicated the depth of feeling while Amanda lacked this. The choice of the actress is perfect to bring out the stiffness and how well guarded the actress is.

The family backgrounds of the two lovers differ. Dawson comes from a “humble family” characterized by dentally challenged siblings and father. His family keeps on abusing Dawson viciously. Amanda, on the other hand, is from a well-off family. Her father, seeing that the daughter is in love with a person of a low status, upsets him very much. He wants the relationship to end, and he goes overboard to offering Dawson money so as to cut it off.  By the time Amanda and Dawson meet, she is married with a teenage son but unhappy. Dawson at the moment was on the job at the oil rig. This was after an accidental shooting that led him to serve time. He had come over after the death of his mentor Tuck (Gerald McRaney). The main purpose was the reading of the will. Tuck in the movie was a commentator who was omniscient.

If the movie were to be graded, it would create more confusion and dismay to parents and teachers respectively. The score in the chemistry (regarding romance) will be high. But the scores in the creativity, composition, drama and any other related subject are wanting. This is because nothing in the movie is compelling or believable. The most profound thing the movie focused on was the romantic spell and forgot about all the other necessary things that would compel the audience. The construction of the screenplay is haphazard. At the point when the audience expects the movie to end, it mysterious refuels some other new developments.

The movie would even put off its target audience. The teenagers, for instance, would sigh when the lovers first kiss but as the plot continues to develop, they will become impatient and bored. It is not a matter of a sharp judgment, but the movie is not a good thing. However charming the chemistry between the two lovebirds may seem to be, the bad news is that they are still trapped in the dead- the senseless coincidences and the fake melodrama employed by Nicholas Sparks in his work. The technical workings employed by the film can be best described as top-notch. It is wastage for some superior cinematographers to be reduced to capturing gardening shirtless men. The Best in Me is an encapsulation of the modern screens that have done away with freshness and quality of films but put into place quantity and familiarity. The audience is always the victims.

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