The Art Of Racing In The Rain (Essay Sample)

The Art Of Racing In The Rain

You wake up every morning, open your eyes, breathe the air around you, watch the people come and go by your window. Have you ever asked yourself the purpose of living? Is living and existing one thing or just two words that are correlated? Are there really answers for questions like these?

Life is a never ending question with no assurance of a perfect answer. People define living their lives differently. For some, living life is taking a roller coaster ride and facing your fears. Some may think that to be considered living you have to give back and serve others. Other people may think that living is giving yourself all the pleasure because you may not be able to do it when you die. We, people have so many definitions of living and each one is different from the other. We define life based on how we do things. All of us think differently that’s why we are the highest of all the creations. Based on the bible, humans are created to be in charge of all the other creations. It is either we take good care of something dearly or we destroy it. We are the alpha of all the living creatures made by God; we can say that we rule the world. Animals are either considered pets or food, nothing in between.

A dog is one of the main examples of animals that we take care of. We feed them, play with them and give all their needs. They really are man’s best friend, but what if they can also think the same way we think? What if they are just their observing our lives and half wishing they can be like us, human.

In the book “The Art of Racing in the Rain”, the author will make the readers realize the possibility that animals can think as highly as we are. The narrator in the book is an old, dying dog named Enzo. The author started the book with the ending, which is a good technique if you really want to capture the heart of the readers. Enzo took the readers to a tour in his puppy life. The struggles he had with Denny and how he supported his best friend all throughout their long journey in life together. Enzo has been with Denny through thick and thins. He’s been supporting Denny’s career as professional car racer. He also witnessed the pain of his best friend when Eve, Denny’s wife, suffered from terminal illness and lose the battle. After losing her wife, Denny’s problem has not yet solved but just got bigger when her wife’s parents fought with him for her daughter’s custody. The entire struggle Enzo stood by Denny’s side and he never left. The story will give every reader a heartfelt moment and will surely bring enough emotion to make anyone cry, especially those who love their dogs so dearly. In the end, Denny still manage to get his life back, his career and her most loved daughter. Well, thanks to Enzo and his undying love and support for his partner and best friend Denny.

The most prominent line in the book is “Your car goes where your eyes go”. Those are the words that Enzo always hears from Denny. That phrase will surely inspire all the reader to pursue their dream and never get tired of reaching their goals. Just like what Denny did when he was on his worst. He never stopped believing in his self and pursued the thing he loved most. He did not stop even when the whole situation tells him to do so. He tried and fight for everything that he loves and in the end he got what he deserves. Even when Enzo left, he knows that his soul still lingers and their hearts are already bounded by the strong friendship that Enzo offered him until his last heartbeat.

Years after Enzo passed away, Denny meets a man with his son named Enzo. The little boy told Denny the exact words he frequently tells his old dog. “Your car goes where your eyes go”.  Coincidence? But what if Enzo’s dream of becoming a human in his next life is granted? We never know, but as long as Enzo is alive in Denny’s memory, he will forever live.

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