Thank You Teacher (Essay Sample)

Thank You Teacher

My life has been an experience of going through valleys and mountains. I have seen good times, along with bad ones too. I have died thousands of times from discouragement yet I am still alive. No amount of pages can fill what I need to write to narrate my experiences. In my journey of life, various groups have contributed directly and otherwise, to the course of my life. One of the most important, influential individuals in my life to this point is my teacher.

When I began school, I knew little, if anything. Kindergarten and elementary school to me proved to be the eye opener. As I proceeded to higher levels of education, beside me all along was my teacher and my parent, of course. There are times when my parent was away from my side, particularly when I was in school. At such times, I relied on no other individual but my teacher whose steadfast presence enabled me to face life at school confidently. The teacher took charge when instances of bullying arose. He became an authority in my life. In this regard, the teacher played the role of a protector and to some extent a parent as he saw me through a lot of difficult times. A young boy lacks the ability to defend himself from much older, violent youths. It is at such times that I recognized the role of a teacher in my school life. I can only say thank you teacher!

One of the key roles that my teacher played in my life was the enhancement of my social life. Apart from teaching me on academic matters, my teacher encouraged me to speak out in class and outside of class thus he enhanced my social skills. Presently, I interact well with family members, my colleagues as well as other members of the society largely due to my teachers’ and parents’ determination to see me prosper in all aspects of life. One of the common problems pointed out by employers in the current world is the un-employability of some fresh graduates due to professional inadequacies, one of which is as a result of poor social skills. For me, that is not a problem because my teacher worked hand in hand with my parents to see that I got the best in as far as professional growth was concerned.

Teachers make an indescribable role in terms of the sacrifice that they make. I spend as much time with my teachers as my parents and family members. The teacher spent much time at school, caring for my academic, psychological, spiritual as well as social wellbeing. In the process, he made much sacrifice. He spent the time he could be with his family with me in school. I cannot determine the exact amount of remuneration he received in exchange for his sacrifice but I do understand that few individuals can make the extent of sacrifice my teacher made. Furthermore, the teacher provided invaluable advice on what was best and worst in as far as the betterment of my life was concerned. Such advice entailed rewards and punishment both of which were delivered effectively, thus collectively made me a better person. Thank you teacher!

In conclusion, my teacher is a special person in my life. The time plus commitment that teachers made, in collaboration with my parents have molded me into a better individual. I have grown from an academic, social, spiritual and psychological viewpoint, and this has not just brought out a competent but also socially viable, useful member of the society. A teacher is a parent to me too, and just as I would say to my parent, I say to every teacher who has impacted my life: THANK YOU TEACHER!

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