Terrorism – A Global Threat (Essay Sample)

Terrorism – A Global Threat

The world has become very connected due to peace and trade entities that are being formed by different countries among different nations. Therefore, this has made the problem of one country an issue of concern to the other nations that are associated with that country. One of the major concerns is terrorism and has become a global threat due to several reasons.

The main reason as to why terrorism has become a global threat is due to the fact that most of the countries in the world export and import goods from one another. In order for international trade to take place, then the key factor is that the involved countries should be secure in regard to terrorism and war so that they can attract international investors. Therefore, if one of the countries faces terrorist attacks, then the peace in that country is disturbed. The aftermath of such attack is that the countries involved in trading activities with that country will have to help in fighting and the elimination of the terrorism acts. The other option would be withdrawing their trading activities from that country but, this would also affect their economy especially in a case whereby they had huge investments in the attacked country. Hence, terrorism is a global threat in the modern world.

As well, many countries have the obligation of showing concern regarding the safety of their neighboring countries. The main reason behind this is the fact that when a country faces terrorist attacks, most of its citizens flee to the neighboring countries whereby they becomes refugees. This means that the refugees will be surviving on the neighboring country’s resources in order to survive and this may negatively affect the country’s economy. Therefore, this brings the attention of the neighboring countries to assist in the eradication of the terrorist attacks so that they reduce the number of refugees. A good example is the case of Kenya and Somalia in the East African region. Somalia has been under several attacks by the Alshabaab. In order to assist with the situation, the government of Kenya sends out some of its Defense Forces to Somalia in order to ensure that peace is maintained. As well, most of the Somali citizens fled to the northern part of Kenya. Hence, terrorism is definitely a global threat because it does not only affect one country.

In addition, terrorism has become a global threat because the terrorists are based in several countries and carry out attacks in other countries. A good example is the ISIS group. In order to ensure that such attacks are eradicated, then the affected countries together with other nations that are willing to help with the help with the situation come together in order to fight the groups in their native nations. As a result, this ends up involving many nations and the war against terrorism keeps on expanding within different nations.  The common notion about the fight against terrorism is that whenever a country is involved to help in the act, then it becomes a target hence making the issue a global threat.

Terrorism has become a global threat due to trade agreements and the effect it brings to other nations such as immigration of refugees. Therefore, the whole world should come together to fight the issue of terrorism because every nation cannot survive on their own. Whenever there is peace in one nation, then such peace is reflected in the neighboring countries and other countries that have trade agreements with that nation. Once this has been achieved, then the world will be a better place to live in as compared to a world whereby every country is left to fight her problems on her own.

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