Teleological Understanding On The Existence Of God (Essay Sample)

Teleological Understanding On The Existence Of God

Teleological argument holds there is God who is a supreme being, and most Christians believe in that He has made it possible for human beings to get used to the situations in which they live in these days. This argument shows that there is a supreme designer who puts all complicated parts together in an organized manner just like the way a man makes a machine. It follows therefore that teleological argument has two sides that show how the world and its surroundings are so intricate, that it could not happen by accident but rather under influence of a Supreme Being.

Existence of God

One of the philosophers who has posed argument about existence of God is Paley who shows how a watch and the world can be similar in many respects. For instance, inside the watch, the different parts have been assembled all together in a particular manner for it to function properly; nature also performs in the same way in that it consists of different patterns such as ecosystems and seasons like the winter and summer. In addition to that, the universe is complicated because there are various kinds of animals and plants and the many different parts that are connected to that organism like the eye interacts with other components to aid in its functioning. The plants and other organisms such as animals do perform coherently to survive. When plants produces oxygen through photosynthesis, mammals use it for breathing hence they depend on eachother for existence because if they do not interact with one another, none will survive.

Paley also points out, for the universe to exist there is need to be a greater designer who is God. The eye compared to the telescope that has been constructed by man. The lens found in a telescope is almost similar in their comparisons like they are of the same power over rays and position and they do perform the same function to come up with a clear image of the objects under observation. In this way, the human eye is made up of very many interconnected parts, and they do work together as the telescope, both designed whereby the eye according to Paley has been made by God and the telescope by a man who has the intelligence of the mind. It explains why the universe is more complicated than the watch. The planets that move around in circular motion within the solar system do follow the universal laws of gravity, and this is made possible by God.

However, Charles Darwin argues that Paley’s point is false since man came about through fossils of the early man, homo-sapiens many years ago. In his view, biological molecules such as cytochrome that aid in breathing in organisms are as a result of the scientific revolution which explains that we human beings created but evolved from ancestors and the active ones are the people who survive making Paley’s argument less credible because he does not show evidence scientifically.

Furthermore, Darwin pointed out that Paley’s argument is false. He notes that, that the eye was designed to aid in seeing is untrue, because the various organisms found in the universe occur due to natural selection. Species that have advantageous characteristics are more likely to reproduce and survive compared to the weaker species. When human beings can adapt to different environmental conditions and fit in it, do survive and this contradicts Paley’s argument who says that the environment designed by God for a man to live in it.


Both Paley and Darwin agree that the world and the universe are in place due to the existence of the supreme designer who is God. They agree that God uses a variety of different ways to bring out uniqueness in his creations that work hand in hand with the evolutionary theory hence evolution happens gradually.

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