Teenage Relationships (Essay Sample)

Mainstream media has affected the lifestyle of the majority of people around the world. Almost everybody has social media accounts that are used for daily living. Even the relationships have evolved from conservative to liberate just because of the trend on Social Medias. The population of social media users consists of mostly teenagers. They are keeping up with the trend so much that they do not notice they are already sacrificing their self-identity. Another thing that is affected is their relationships towards other people. Just because the mainstream media shows the validity of young love and premarital sex, most teenagers think it is okay.

The relationship of teenagers nowadays is far from the traditional, they are now more engaged to love, lust and fame. Chivalry is not even considered when it comes to having a romantic relationship. Teenagers think that if they handle their relationships like adults they will be considered mature. Kissing, holding hands in public and even displaying their affection towards each other is not a big deal to them because they think that it is normal. They even engaged on things that are not appropriate for their age, like having sex. They act too mature for their age that they are sometimes mistaken as adult. It is important for teens to know how they should act based on their age so that they will enjoy their youth.

Romantic relationship is only one of the relationships that have been sacrificed by youth in order to keep up with the trend. The other relationship is their relationship with their parents or family. Because of too much use of social media the time of the youngster are becoming so limited and the allotted time for their family is being ignored. Technology also takes part on this because it eats up too much of the time of teenagers. They are more connected with their virtual friends compared to the physical ones. Their kind of hanging out is staying in one place and using their phones to connect with other people than the people who are with them physically.

Their interaction towards people has been changed because of the fact that they enjoy talking to each other online rather that talking personally. The relationship with their loved ones has been sacrificed for the relationship that is posted online. Sometimes, they would rather send their parents pictures and talk to them thru video calls than visiting them. They go out on dates, family dinners and hanging out with friends just to take pictures that they will post online. They are losing their self because of internet, technology and social media, they forgot about the relationships they have before social media came. They forget about how genuine it is to eat with your family while talking about what happened at school that day. Instead of telling their parents the story about their day, they post everything on social media.

The relationships of teenagers with other and themselves especially should never be taken for granted just because of something that will not last forever. The love of family and friends should be valuable for them because it has been their foundation as a person. May all the teens realize that love and relationships is not always about keeping up with the trend. A relationship is about the connection with people that you love and how you make every day worth living. It is not about how many likes your picture would get, because it is about how you like someone and what you will do to make that person stay forever. Teenagers are young and bold and free but they should never forget how to love genuinely while living their lives fully.

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