Technology Is Killing Our Intelligence (Essay Sample)

Technology is Killing Our Intelligence

The impact that technology has in our lives, in the present day, is immeasurable. Currently, we use technology on a daily basis in various ways. We depend on technology for essential activities such as passing or receiving information, communication, and lifestyle since most appliances at home are now automated, entertainments, in the health industry, education, traveling to countless other activities. It is not in dispute that technology has dramatically improved our lives and how we do things, hence increasing convenience, productivity and efficiency in most tasks if not all aspects of humanity. However, this dependency on modern technology is gradually taking a toll on us without us knowing it. Since it is now an essential part of our everyday routine, it is impossible for us to detect the harm technology is causing. Overall, technology seems to be making us smarter as we can accomplish so many tasks in a better and faster way compared to a time when technology was not so advanced.  Nonetheless, in actual sense, we are becoming dumber. This is because, even though we are now able to do so much, it is clear that we understand less and less of what we are doing, thus further increasing reliance on other people who are deemed professionals of the various technological appliances. Accordingly, this essay addresses some of how technology has led to an increase in our dependency on modern appliances and tools that have reduced and continue to reduce our creativity, intelligence, and general competency.

The never-ending use of technology when it comes to computers, for example, has limited the sphere of creativity and knowledge to the screen. Imagination and creativity are therefore decreasing at an alarming rate. For students, it is becoming harder to find originality in their papers and projects. Most academic writing or thesis are currently not original because internet technology has made access to scholarly or educational information very easy. This means that the students do not necessarily research from books and formulate their thoughts and efforts towards their assignments but depend on the internet. With such kind of a situation not just for students but everyone who has access to the internet, it is impossible to be competent, imaginative or creative which makes us like robots, merely copy pasting what we read. This has made information replication and intellectual data theft quite rampant as well. It has become so bad that most of us do not bother to learn and understand information since we can always easily “google” it anyway, so we end up storing nothing in our memories.

It is also becoming progressively easier to replicate in large scale. As a result of this mass market production, our originality and creative role as humans is being reduced in the different aspects of life from science, education, and manufacturing among others. Another aspect of how technology is killing our intelligence is through social network addiction. More and more people now compete for likes and attention on social media. The social network has created a situation whereby we are continually trying to impress people, and we are also constantly being judged by others. Through such atmosphere exposure to negative information and influences does a lot of harm to our brains. The fact that we can now access virtually everything we need online should in itself worry us. Currently, templates and instructions for almost anything ranging from resumes, articles, essays, projects, to office documents like memos, reports, letters, and information for every aspect of our lives. This means we have become like robots and is further promoting artificial intelligence instead of our intelligence and competency as human beings not just concerning academics but overall.


Technology has done everything for us except make us wiser. Even though it is currently not possible for to be completely self-reliant, we should at least start by learning more about the kinds of technologies we use like reading manuals and checking connections to have some basic knowledge on how they work or how to repair them. This would be one way of trying to be self-reliant as opposed to depending on the internet for everything.

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